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Elon Musk Has Rebranded “Twitter” To “X”

Just a little while ago, I was breezing through one of the Twitter feeds for my websites and noticed that the time honored symbol of “The Twitter Bird” was gone and in its place was instead an “X”. I know. This seems kind of shocking, but for the last few months Elon has been doing all sorts of weird and wild things with his new company. Seeing this made me head over to the profile of the social network’s own Commander Elon Musk and this was the “Tweet” that he had made.

For me this is rather jarring because it doesn’t make much sense and I feel like I am starting all over again. I know Musk now owns the company and was out to “fix” it but leave the working things alone. This kind of change seems unnecessary and dare I even say petty and stupid. Stop more bots, get rid of spammer accounts and maybe even limit the ability to tweet every five seconds which some people do. Now this is coming from someone who isn’t the biggest advocate or user of the medium. I’ve tried to make it work for brand but no matter what I would post or “tweet”, the amount of Followers and Retweets have not generated much traction or even substantial through traffic to the websites. I will still use this and wonder how long before the mobile devices reflect the “X” and if we are going to still call them “Tweets” so let’s see what happens. I know some out there who are serial tweeters and that’s just annoying while some others are using this with great emphasis to their own outlets and having it help them. Good for those folks I say and maybe I should be more pragmatic about it. That’s all I have to say on this, and I hope the next bit of news from Twitter or “X” will help push this network ahead and be something we all say “Wow” about instead of “Ugh”. My outlets are listed below for the interested and supportive. See you next time.

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Today: The Toy Insider’s “Sweet Suite” 2023 @ Chelsea Piers

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Hey there my Legions, so I am taking a moment out of the always hectic publishing regimen to let you know that the Creative High Command of Ken Pierce Media will be hitting the annual Toy Insider “Sweet Suite” event today. It’s going to be happening over at the Chelsea Piers where its been done for the last few years and I am excited to be taking part in what I believe to be my eighth such event. The event is a whole lot of fun but also a whole lot of work and my rationale for sharing the announcement here on KPM as opposed to one of the other outlets is based on the cross-coverage that will be done for this one.

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Ken Pierce Media Posts 250th Clip on TikTok

This might not be news for the more dedicated readers of the Ken Pierce Media website but for the newbies to our offerings I should share that for several months I have been doing an article every time we reach an increment of “50” with the Official TikTok profile. I’m still rather amused at how much I’ve done here because when I first signed up I wasn’t sure that I would be using it at all but here we are at 250 clips. It’s fun that this also comes only a few days after the websites own third anniversary. Clip #250 comes from a recent down south adventure to a place called Pedro’s South Of The Border. It’s a roadside attraction and well, watch and learn a little more.


The Arrival at South Of The Border in Hamer, SC #fyp #foryoupage #southoftheborder #hamer #southcarolina #tourism

♬ original sound – Ken Pierce Media

The South Of The Border space is definitely something interesting to explore if you are out on the road and looking for something to do. In the clip I mentioned that I was not going up into that tower but when I popped into the arcade below it learned it was only $4 to go up to the top and who wants to pass on that kind of thing. It’s not like I will be back here anytime soon. I did record a video of the elevator ride and a brief from up top. I then space them out over time since they not only go to the TikTok once they are done. Before I wrap this one up I’m going to add the very 1st TikTok Clip that was posted because I was still so green to its use. I’m not an expert by far but its been fun to bring the audience right into the moment as its all happening. This first video was the reveal of the New York Comic Con badge for their 2022 event.
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Ken Pierce Media Celebrates Its Third Anniversary (2020-2023)

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Hello my friends, it’s once again time to take a pause from the usual course of business to celebrate a website birthday. I’m excited to share the news that today is the third anniversary of the Ken Pierce Media brand and a lot has happened with it over the last year so let’s chat. As many know, this idea was launched in June of 2020 during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic as a tool to help me with some web-consulting. I had hoped to use the lockdown time to offer up some help with other creators websites and their social media accounts for a modest stipend since there were no shows, conventions or special events of any kind to attend in real life. The idea first manifested as a Blogspot which is a super bare bones medium to use when one doesn’t want to lay down cash for a professional level website or branding. I think I also mentioned that I planned on using this as a place to learn how to take creator content off of such a medium and get it into a more powerful tool like WordPress. The Blogspot’s name led me to using it for the takeover of the PiercingMetal Tumblr and then a full on WordPress was launched which integrated all of that Tumblr stuff and we were off and running. The long-winded full story can be perused over on “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” by clicking HERE). Now before we get too deep into the goings on from the past year how about that awesome new Birthday logo from our own stalwart Art Director, Jumpin’ Joe Kaufman. Let’s continue.

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Live Nation Entertainment Announces “Concert Week” 2023

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The Press Release:
Live Nation today announced the return of Concert Week, offering fans an unbeatable deal: $25 all-in tickets to more than 3,800 shows across North America this year. The annual week-long program kicks off ahead of a robust 2023 summer concert season, getting fans ready to fill their summer months and the rest of their calendar for the year with epic shows and live music from their favorite artists.

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The limited-time ticket offer includes over 300 of today’s biggest acts across a wide variety of genres, including: Hip-Hop, Country, Latin, R&B, Metal, Pop, Rock, K-POP, Electronic, Comedy and more. Artists included in Concert Week range from 5 Seconds of Summer, Beck & Phoenix, Bebe Rexha, Big Time Rush, Don Toliver, Fall Out Boy, Janet Jackson, Kountry Wayne, Larry June, Maroon 5, Marca MP, Shania Twain, Snoop Dogg, VALLEY and many more. Concert Week features live events across all venue sizes – from clubs and theaters, to amphitheaters and arenas. See list below for additional artists featured this year.
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