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Ken Pierce Media Posts 500th Clip on TikTok

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Hello again my dear Friends and Followers, I’m back once more to share some coolness and another Ken Pierce Media milestone with you all as the month of February heads to a close. So I guess that its been almost a year and a half since I actually began to use TikTok for the entertainment world that I oversee and truth be told, way back in the beginning I had no idea if I even wanted to be on the platform. Despite having the account longer, I finally dove in before the New York Comic Con of 2022 and I’ve been busy with that ever since. As some of you already know, everytime that I hit an increment of “50” posts, I will do a post about that on the Ken Pierce Media site because why not and today I am here to share the news that we have just recently posted our 500th video. The timing seemed to mirror my own celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the debut album the “Hottest Band In The World” KISS and so while one celebrates a 50th another marks a 500th. For me this was pretty cool because I am an absolute diehard for the band and even was fortunate enough to see both of their final shows at Madison Square Garden at the beginning of December 2023. Please now enjoy the Ken Pierce Media 500th TikTok Clip.


Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of KISS self-titled debut album on Casablanca Records #fyp #foryoupage #kiss #casablancarecords #paulstanley #genesimmons #acefrehley #petercriss #milestones #piercingmetal

♬ original sound – Ken Pierce Media

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MTA Reveals The Limited-Edition KISS Metrocard

Though I’ve already helped announce the KISS NYC Takeover that takes place after the Thanksgiving holiday, the MTA has added some details to the mix and revealed the Metrocard with their image. I’ve posted about it on PiercingMetal so click HERE.

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KISS Announces New York City Takeover To Celebrate Their Final Shows

KISS has announced a bevy of New York City takeover happenings as they head to their final shows ever at Madison Square Garden. The rundown can be perused over on PiercingMetal by clicking HERE.

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KISS Announce “The Final Concert” @ Madison Square Garden on PPV

KISS has announced a Pay-Per-View stream of The Final Concert. Learn more about the very brief announcement on PiercingMetal by clicking HERE.

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From The Gram: “Happy Birthday” To Paul Stanley, The Starchild of KISS

The legendary Starchild of KISS is Paul Stanley and today the lead singer is celebrating his 70th Birthday. We toasted this on our Official Instagram.

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