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Ken Pierce Media Reaches 10K Milestone on Tumblr

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According to the Tumblr Dashboard for Ken Pierce Media, I’ve “liked” a whopping 10K posts on the social media platform. Some might recall how this profile has been in play for more than a decade and was subsumed into the KPM world back in 2020 when we launched the brand. Since our editorial space is as much about broadcasting milestones of any kind in the social networking world, I’ve decided to share this news here.


Tumblr Announces That “Tipping” Will Go Away On June 1st 2024

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The Announcement:
We introduced Tipping back in February 2022 in response to your feedback, and it’s been a great addition to many communities on Tumblr. We do love to launch features that bring you joy, and Tipping was a part of that effort.

Unfortunately, Tipping hasn’t seen the usage we’d hoped for. So, in order to focus on the things that really make Tumblr Tumblr for most users, we’re shutting Tipping down on June 1.
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Ken Pierce Media’s Tumblr “Year In Review” For 2021

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While I’ve been using the Tumblr micro-blogging platform for just over twelve years now, this “Year In Review” item is completely new to me. Perhaps this idea stems from the Automattic acquisition of the network from a couple of years ago (discussed HERE). Some of you might know that our original PiercingMetal Tumblr was re-branded and re-purposed to serve the needs of the Ken Pierce Media initiative and I think we’ve had quite the bountiful year. Take a look at the list down below as I present to you the Ken Pierce Media Tumblr “Year In Review” for 2021. We’d love for you to “Follow” us if you are using this medium as well.

Ken Pierce Media Tumblr Joins Five Thousand Post Alliance

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It was back in early July when this Ken Pierce Media dotcom had achieved a posting milestone of 5000 Posts. This would happen only a month after its first anniversary and was discussed HERE for those who wish some larger insight. Today, the original “source material’ that this blog stemmed from over on Tumblr achieved its own 5000th post. The reason the website hit that number first was based on a more robust inclusion of the Instagram profiles than I opt to share over to Tumblr. Perhaps that will change since the more we post the more chance there is to see the profiles.

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Spotlighting The Ken Pierce Media Facebook Page on Tumblr

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As Facebook is the biggest of the social networking tools on the web, it’s become necessary to bring the Ken Pierce Media angle into their realm by launching an Official Business Page. Those who like what we are involved in can find the page on Facebook by clicking – We ask that you kindly “Like” said Page and select “See First” to make sure the algorithm doesn’t hide any activity from you.

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