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Ken Pierce Media Tumblr Joins Five Thousand Post Alliance

It was back in early July when this Ken Pierce Media dotcom had achieved a posting milestone of 5000 Posts. This would happen only a month after its first anniversary and was discussed HERE for those who wish some larger insight. Today, the original “source material’ that this blog stemmed from over on Tumblr achieved its own 5000th post. The reason the website hit that number first was based on a more robust inclusion of the Instagram profiles than I opt to share over to Tumblr. Perhaps that will change since the more we post the more chance there is to see the profiles.


Some of our readers might remember that the Tumblr originally belonged to the PiercingMetal site but when Automattic purchased them it made more sense to rebrand it to Ken Pierce Media and have that facilitate both of the websites to widen the circle of influence. When I discussed Tumblr with another media person they felt it was a dead network but its actually not at all. I still see traffic on both sites from here and have decided to keep the account in play until Automattic feels that its time to sunset. As of September 5th I will have been using Tumblr for 12 years so why stop now. If you use this network at all I encourage your participation and hope that you will scroll through our posts and click the like option. The larger the audience gets the easier it is to bring you more and more exciting stuff which I absolutely love doing. Thanks for listening and your support. See you next time.

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