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Ken Pierce Media’s Cross-Brand Year End Overview For 2022

So here we are once again my friends at the end of another year and its around this time that I like to sit back and share some thoughts about the creative process in terms of the year that’s wrapping up very soon. In the years before I had launched the Ken Pierce Media angle, I would offer up a lengthy missive on both PiercingMetal and “The Chronicles” of Piercing Ken but last year I decided to put a shorter brief together for those sites and add them into a post that also discussed this now almost three year-old brand. So creatively speaking, 2022 was a lot closer to normal than the previous couple of years were and thank the fates for that. As a content creator I kept on doing what is expected of me and wrote articles consistently throughout the year. I’ll get right on down into the mix and also discuss the social media side of each site beginning with PiercingMetal and so on into the others. Let’s go.
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Ken Pierce Media Posts 100th Clip on TikTok

When I say that it doesn’t feel like all that long ago when I shared the news about KPM posting our 50th TikTok Clip, its because it really wasn’t. As a matter of fact, despite having an account for over a year I’ve only really started to use it when the 2022 New York Comic Con was getting underway. Today I am here to share the most recent update as we’ve reached our 100th Clip on this fun network. The timing of this particular clip is rather fun because I am not in my native New York City and am instead visiting family down South. Since I was already doing my “Christmas in New York City” clips, I decided to expand upon the idea and offer up some “Christmas In The South” when I saw something interesting. The clip is below.


Keeping my Southern Christmas presentations in play with the Christmas Tree at the South Carolina Welcome Center

♬ original sound – Ken Pierce Media

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Ken Pierce Media Celebrates 2nd Anniversary Of Branded YouTube Channel

Hey there my friends, I am taking a brief pause from the day to share the news that I am celebrating some social media stuff. Today marks the 2nd Anniversary of the Official Branded Channel for the Ken Pierce Media side of the fence. The branding itself is closing in on its third year of existence and if you’ve been following along with any of the development narratives that have posted to the website you know that this once very simple idea has expanded into something much more comprehensive in overall reach. What began as a simple scratch-pad Blogspot is now a full-on professional level website with more than 5.9K posts and “10” social media profiles. The Ken Pierce Media use of the YouTube Channel is definitely less than that of the @PiercingMetal and @PiercingKen brands but is still of vital importance in the extension of the overall idea.

At the time of this network’s anniversary you will see that there aren’t a whole lot of videos on the Channel yet. The way that I’ve been using this Channel is to post when there is something that crosses all of the brands dividing lines. There are more of the new Shorts on the Channel which are often ported from our similarly branded TikTok account as it works out best to do it like that. I’ve been having fun using this area to broaden the KPM world a little more and ask that everyone who is reading this to both “Subscribe” and click the “Notification Bell” to ensure they won’t miss out on anything. It also helps if you click the like and leave a topical comment. For those who don’t know, you can’t secure an Official URL for a Channel until you reach 100 Subscribers and nothing can be monetized until you hit 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours. Fortunately its easier to find this Channel thanks to their new Handles initiative but we are miles away from the other milestones needed. That’s where the audience and supporters of our content come in and its why we are asking for your brand support. The link is down below, and as I wrap this one up I say thanks for all the interest in this part of the creative puzzle. I enjoy using this to entertain and inform you all.

Click @kenpiercemedia to be brought to the Official Channel.

ken pierce media youtube logo

Ken Pierce Media Is Now Using Linktree

linktree, linktree logo

Hey my friends so while this is rather a simple one I feel that it’s super-important nonetheless. I’m taking a quick moment out of the day to let you know that the continually growing Ken Pierce Media presence has created an account on Linktree. Now you might be wondering why this even merits a general announcement and the answer is quite simple. For starters, when I find something that is helpful to ones own brand identity I want to share it with them and when it comes to this outlet the goal is to use this space to share some of the development news. Also, when one embarks into the world of social media or launches a website you end up with a wealth of links as time goes on. Remember that KPM began soley as a Blogspot to be used as a creative scratchpad but over time became bigger and broader. It now has a on full on professional level website and twelve other networks connected to brand. For those who don’t yet know what Linktree actually is, its a free or pay for tool that let’s you create a tree of networks. I’ve actually been using this for both PiercingMetal and Piercing Ken and have it on the Official Instagram and Twitter profiles of those websites. This is far better than wracking your brain trying to decide what link to put in. Most of us would use a general website but the world today finds people only using their TikTok, or Facebook or YouTube Pages with a parked domain name and instead of flipping a coin about them you just create a Linktree and put that link where it says “URL”.
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UBS Arena Celebrates Its First Anniversary

ubs arena, arena logos, ubs arena logo

The Press Release:
UBS ARENA CELEBRATES ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! New York’s UBS Arena Guests Love Beer and Chicken Fingers!

ubs arena, ubs arena entrance, ken pierce media photos 2022
The UBS Arena by Ken Pierce (2022)

The Foodie Stats:
* 494,000 cans of beer
* 254,000 bottles of water
* 130,000 servings of chicken fingers
* 90,000 bottles of soda
* 77,000 servings of French fries
* 67,000 hot dogs
* 51,000 boxes of popcorn
* 34,000 Shaq Big Chicken sandwiches
* 15,000+ of these are “The Islander”!
* 18,000 gallons of draft beer
* 13,000 gallons of fountain soda
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