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The Toy Foundation Announces “Toy of the Year” (TOTY) Awards Winners

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The Press Release:
After two years of celebrating virtually, hundreds from the toy community reunited in Dallas, TX tonight for the much-anticipated Toy of the Year (TOTY) Awards & Celebration, where the top toys and games of the year were named. Hosted by The Toy Foundation (TTF), the awards program recognizes the industry’s creativity and collective philanthropy, with more than $500,000 raised in support of TTF’s mission to bring the benefits of play to children in need.

In addition to naming the winners, the 23rd edition of the TOTY Awards showcased the industry’s support for TTF’s programs: delivering toys to children across the globe, funding play therapy in children’s hospitals, and introducing the industry to diverse, young talent. TTF’s local partners participated in the celebration, including three children’s non-profits — Dallas Metro, Rainbow Days, and The Birthday Party Project — which received toy donations; Baylor, Scott and White McLane Children’s Hospital, which was named one of TTF’s new play grants recipients; and the next generation of leaders from University of North Texas at Dallas, who congratulated and networked with winners.
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Drum Workshop Joins The Roland Corporation

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The Press Release:
Roland Corporation and Drum Workshop, Inc. today announced a definitive agreement for Roland to acquire all outstanding shares of Drum Workshop.

Roland is the leading global manufacturer of electronic musical instruments widely recognized for its gamechanger products in the electronic drum world under its V-Drums brand and more recently with its innovative V-Drums Acoustic Design (“VAD”) series of products. Drum Workshop is widely recognized as the global leader in acoustic drums and percussion, and designs, manufactures and sells an industry leading portfolio of brands including DW Drums and Hardware, Pacific Drums and Percussion (PDP), Latin Percussion (LP), Gretsch Drums and Slingerland. The combination of expertise and reach of Roland and Drum Workshop will unleash the next generation of breakthrough acoustic and electronic drums and percussion products, accelerate product development, and push the boundaries of innovation for drummers.
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Today Is The First-Ever National Cinema Day

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Today is National Cinema Day and if you don’t know what this is let me share a little coolness with you all. This new national celebration is a creation by the folks at Cinemark who are encouraging cinemas across the country to take part in showcasing every film and every showing along with some additional discounts to put the bodies into the theaters once again. Sure we’ve had some blockbuster films being released since the pandemic times got a little “better” but its nothing like it used to be. Everyone’s pocket was hit during the pandemic and the surplus cash wasn’t always there to enjoy a film with the family. Let’s face it, that endeavor can be a daunting cost. What kind of a discount you might ask, well how does $3 sound to you? Yep. You can see any film at a participating cinema for $3 today.
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Ken Pierce Media Publishes 5555th WordPress Post

Hey there my friends and followers of this side of the creative presentations, I am pausing for a moment to share another milestone as Ken Pierce Media has just published its 5,555th post in the WordPress. Now most of you know that I generally post with each 1K increment on the assorted brands but when you hit a fun number like this one its hard to resist sharing the excitement.

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MoviePass Announces It’s Relaunch!

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Hello! We are so excited to announce that we are beginning our launch sequence to bring MoviePass back. For those of you who don’t know MoviePass was sold back in 2017 to a private equity group and due to mismanagement subsequently closed its doors. Last year I, one of the original Founders, bought the company back with the plan to relaunch it. Time Magazine did a great piece that does a wonderful job of explaining the sequence of events that lead to this point.
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