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Ken Pierce Media Publishes 6000th WordPress Post

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Greetings my loyal readers and those who’ve just chanced upon the page from Google or another social media account. We always love your presence here on the world of Ken Pierce Media and I am pausing from the regular posting regimen to share that we have just hit another pretty awesome milestone. Earlier this year, the KPM outlet celebrated its third online anniversary and I discussed that in a post that you can examine by clicking HERE but with that news being in the rear view mirror for a few months now, its time to let you know what is so awesome. Yesterday, Ken Pierce Media published its 6000th post in WordPress.

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Celebrating My 16 Year Anniversary Achievement In WordPress

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Before I begin I need to apologize about the lateness in bringing this bit of news to your attention. It wasn’t intentional and as I’ve often mentioned here on the Ken Pierce Media outlet, I love sharing any of the online anniversaries for the websites and even our social media platforms because its a great way to line out what makes this kind of pursuit tick and to celebrate any milestone achievements. Its a lot less self-aggrandizing than it is informational and with that being said onto the news. Back in September I got the notice from the WordPress Administration screen that I had just reached my 16th Anniversary Achievement on the platform. Ordinarily I would rush to share this kind of news but the publishing regimen was a bit chaotic across all brands with some major events being covered and written about along with assorted videos for the family of YouTube Channels. Historically, the delving into WordPress was to have a side blog that was connected to the original version of the PiercingMetal site and while we would call this “PiercingMetal Musings”, it is but a memory at this point in my creative history. Since then the entire original website has been reformatted into WordPress and now it just keeps getting larger in terms of the posts and images I’ve uploaded. Since starting in the HTML Side of publishing, its just amazing to see how much has changed thanks to something like WordPress. Let’s take a look at some standings as far as what the Admin panel of each website tallies up.

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Ken Pierce Media Is Now On Bluesky

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the Internet, a brand-new social media network arrives and must be investigated a little more deeply. Ladies and gentlemen may I introduce you to “Bluesky”, an app that seems to be created as an answer to all of the numerous changes found over on X (formerly known as Twitter). Below is our very first post on this network and sadly you cannot seem to embed it into WordPress like we had done numerous times with specialized Tweets and Instagram posts.
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Today: New York Comic Con 2023 Begins @ Javits Center

The New York Comic Con for 2023 begins today and some thoughts about it can be gleaned over on PiercingMetal by clicking HERE.

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Ken Pierce Media Posts 350th Clip on TikTok

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Greetings my friends, I hope this latest post finds you well. It’s once again time to share another of those TikTok milestones with you all as I’ve reached another “50” posts on the Official Ken Pierce Media profile. As some of you know, I’ve been doing these kinds of posts whenever I hit another fifty clips and its been a lot of fun keeping you all informed about what we are doing with the TikTok medium. Historically speaking, while having the profile for a few years I only really began using it in September of 2022 where I did the “reveal” post about our New York Comic Con badge. The interesting thing about reaching clip #350 is that it happened a little faster than I expected it to but that was all based on my recently attending the return of Toy Fair. During the four day event I recorded a whole bunch of short clips from assorted vendor booths and in this latest milestone I was in the booth of McFarlane Toys and offered up a quick glimpse of what they had coming down the pike. Most of our short clips from Toy Fair have longer videos on YouTube to compliment them but I digress, this post is about the TikTok.


Quick glimpse of the DC Universe collectibles coming from McFarlane Toys as seen in their booth at Toy Fair 2023; #fyp #foryoupage #mcfarlanetoys #batman #spawn #toyfair #toyfair2023 #toyfairlife #javitscenter

♬ original sound – Ken Pierce Media

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