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Ken Pierce Media Posts 600th Clip on TikTok

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Greetings and Felicitations Friends of the Ken Pierce Media realm and all of our entertainment efforts. It’s once again time to make a post about the Official TikTok for KPM hitting its next plateau and once again this was done is just over a one month period. We have now pressed publish on the 600th clip and its a fun one as it relates to a happening that I greatly enjoy around this time of the year called “Free Comic Book Day”. For the unaware this is a yearly happening where participating comic book retailers let you take a batch of comic books that have been designated for this funny geeky experience. After adventuring around the city hitting a number of shops I shared the visual of the loot for one of our TikToks. These “reveals” seem to do good for our own network and generally hit about 300 or so views within hours of being posted. A longer video from the aforementioned adventuring will premiere on YouTube once I get it all formatted and scheduled. Now, before I get any deeper into this post – presenting the 600th TikTok from Ken Pierce Media.


Here’s a quick view of the Free Comic Book Day 2024 provisions that I secured across the day #fyp #foryoupage #freecomicbookday #freecomicbookday2024 #marvel #dc #image #idw #comicbooks #piercingmetal

♬ original sound – Ken Pierce Media

Now onto some additional fun since I am doing what I can to make this part of our branding reach more and more people with each and every post. For a few of the milestone posts I have been sharing videos that did super well or have needed a little bit more attention. Last time around I shared a post about some “Godzilla X Kong” toys from Playmates Toys as it had garnered almost 8K views at the time. Believe it or not that same video is now passed 15K views which is awesome. I had also shared a “Me” video check in from the Auto Show because that event would take over all of our platforms for a few weeks. This time around I’ve decided to keep with the comic book theme and share two videos from the time between milestone plateaus where I share some geektastic acquisitions from our neighborhood comic shop Galaxy Comics. Part of me likes to think that I might be inspiring other collectors to look into what I am reading or keeping for posterity and adding to the collection. Take a look at these comic books and toy reveals down below.


Sharing the Comic Store Acquisitions from Galaxy Comics this past week. These were the issues that caught my interest most #fyp #foryoupage #galaxycomics #xmen97 #jackpot and #blackcat #harriettubmandemonslayer #godzillavspowerrangers #deadpool #spidermanshadowofthegreengoblin #comics #piercingmetal

♬ original sound – Ken Pierce Media


I recently acquired the Heavy Metal Deadpool Funko Pop for the collection during a visit to Galaxy Comics. Such a fun version of the character #fyp #foryoupage #funko #funkopop #galaxycomics #deadpool #heavymetaldeadpool #toybox #piercingmetal

♬ original sound – Ken Pierce Media

Now as is my usual last section statement, I cannot determine when I will reach the next plateau because I just don’t know. There was a school of creative thought that advised you post to TikTok several times a day but honestly I have too many other networks and the sites to attend to rather than doing that. I like to make sure that I post at least once in the morning and sometimes if I am heading to a concert I will do an additional one from the scene. There is a good chance that I will be back here celebrating before the second week of June because I have so many Affordable Art Fair, Artexpo New York and foodie shorts to get online. I remember mentioning making one of my old mobile devices the official TikTok phone which lets me easily focus on the short videos and delete them after they are online. Statistically speaking, the profile grows slowly but surely and we’ve achieved “324” follows and over the last 28 days have secured 17K views of the content. There is no means to see one’s full historical views which is a shame to stats nerds like myself who often have to line out such details to publicists. This time around I am sharing the statistics that we see in the administration panel as I like to bring you all into the mix with me. Can these numbers be a little better, surely and they always can but we appreciate any of the time spent with us on this platform.

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So there is also some serious business going on in the world of politics and TikTok. Recently, President Biden signed a document that states how TikTok is to be banned unless the Chinese Government sells off their interest in it. They feel this is a risk to our national security and while I am no expert here, I think that carrying around a small computer mobile phone, using Google and things like Facebook, Twitter and yes even your own email are much more of a threat than most of the things that I’ve observed on TikTok. Perhaps I am clicking on the simple stuff. I do know that if a TikTok ban happens that a lot of creators will lose their minds and this leads me to a soapbox that I am always on. If you can vote then you must vote and if the political players in your region end up causing you stress based on their decisions, then vote to get them out. I have no real stake in the TikTok game and am in no way at all one of the Influencer types. I’ve met some at recent conventions and special events and while their numbers were impressive, the things they were doing didn’t register with me at all so maybe I am too old for such silliness if that is their scope. Good luck to them if this all goes away in a few months. Until then, if you are using the network and haven’t yet followed our profile please come on over. We’d love to keep on entertaining you until its not possible to do so anymore. Remember that in addition to follows, the likes and comments on the content helps out the most. See you next time.

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