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Welcome. For those who are visiting the WordPress for Ken Pierce Media, let me take a moment to better explain just what we are doing with this here at the Creative Command HQ. Ken Pierce Media serves the readership as a way station into the creative worlds of Content Creator and Photojournalist Ken Pierce.  It’s via this conduit, that you will be able to easily find the content presented on both PiercingMetal and “The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken”.  Since 2005, PiercingMetal has been the place “Where Heavy Music and Pop Culture Collide” while “The Chronicles” (established in 2010) runs with a simpler yet broader tagline by being “A Lifestyle Blog with a New York Flair”.


Ken Pierce Media began in June 2020 as a simple Blogspot and then rebranded a long-used Tumblr profile in October 2020.  Via these mediums each topic was served up with a simple introduction and the link to the full story on whichever website it resided on.  The comments are disabled on Blogspot by default and the Tumblr uses a different methodology for this that is not exactly the same. We generally prefer any reader input to be left on the actual story on its main website. As 2021 dawned upon us, a proper dotcom was secured and the rebranded Tumblr content of posts imported here into the WordPress. The two original feeds will remain in place for the time being but it is here that we are acting as the master presence of the idea. The “Follow” option will ensure that you don’t miss any of the new content that gets posted on your preferred method. There are currently more than 6.1K story links in the archive and this grows exponentially by the month. There are also numerous links to our variety of branded social networks. Readers who are interested in helping to support the creative efforts on both website can do so via donations to our Official Ko-Fi.

Ken Pierce Media can be found on the links down below with more to come as time marches on. Each website has its own group of Social Networks and I’ve linked them all for you down below.  We ask that you tell your friends about us so they can enjoy the experience as well and thank you for reading.  There are so many adventures to bring you along on so stay tuned…

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Important: For any website inquiries or to pitch materials for potential review or features on both PiercingMetal or “The Chronicles” of Piercing Ken, please use the form below and be as detailed as possible. This form can also be used to discuss advertising, sponsorships and partnerships.