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Hello Legions and those who’ve just curiously chanced upon this humble dotcom, I am stoked to find you dropping into the world of Ken Pierce Media once again because we just hit a pretty awesome milestone. So it was just about a month ago when I shared the news that the Ken Pierce Media angle had celebrated its debut year and was mapping out what’s to come. That announcement can be found HERE but now onto the subject at hand. Today we are lauding the posting of “5,000” posts.

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Now in case you’re wondering how such an achievement in posting can be done in such a short time well the answer is easy to give. When the whole KPM idea began back in June 2020 the goal was to serve up content on both PiercingMetal and “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” and it worked rather well but was only doing this from that point in time. After this I subsumed a many years used Tumblr since I was fearing the medium would go away or be integrated into WordPress since they owned them and at the click of a button the PiercingMetal Tumblr became the Ken Pierce Media Tumblr. There were more than 4.6K posts in its archive at the time. Some might recall my securing a domain name for KPM via but we still didn’t have a proper WordPress. I’d create the free one soon after and then move to hosting this on my current PiercingMetal plan because you can’t seem to use Google Analytics on a free WordPress.

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All of this backstory leads us to how we got to 5K so quickly. With the WordPress in place and ability to secure preferred statistics along with some additional tools that a discerning web-publisher needs, I imported ALL of the historical Tumblr posts into this shiny new installation. I had never attempted something like this before and even made it into the very first video for our YouTube Channel. If you want some Tech Talk click HERE to enjoy that. So now we continue the process and are adding content to this dotcom on a daily basis. Since that import I’ve decided to keep using both the Blogspot and Tumblr feeds in place because each serves the idea in a different fashion and only helps broadcast the brand. While still editing the imported Tumblr posts to make the best sense I’ve also integrated some past YouTube clips and more regular Instagram items and aim towards the next milestone. Thanks for being a part of this cool chapter in the creative process. See you at 6K or when something else cool comes along. Be sure to participate in our myriad of Social Networks which have been linked for you down below.

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