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Ken Pierce Media Celebrates Its First Anniversary

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It was back in June of 2020, during the height of the pandemic that a new creative angle came to my mind. I was finalizing some private consulting for a fellow scribe and their own medium at the time and while they were also a WordPress acolyte, I felt that it might be beneficial to become more accustomed to other means of blogging and that was when I began tinkering with the Google Blogger platform a bit more. Since the best way to learn is to utilize, I launched a blog called Ken Pierce Media and introduced it to the masses (as seen on “The Chronicles” HERE). A lot has happened since that time and today is the first anniversary of that website.

This is the very first time that I am lauding a first anniversary. While PiercingMetal celebrated it’s sixteenth back in April (HERE) and “The Chronicles” of Piercing Ken it’s eleventh (HERE), I only started doing them after each site had been online for a few years. Considering how fast the Ken Pierce Media side of the fence had grown, I figured it was merited. When the idea came to me in June the pandemic was in full sway but we made sure to publish almost every single day and since this is largely a feed to the other sites the growth was exponential. The humble launch in Blogger led to the corporate takeover of the Tumblr which would then lead us into a proper dotcom and a WordPress presence. March of 2021 found that entire Tumblr imported into WordPress and then it was business as usual with this as its figurehead. Another thing that Ken Pierce Media did during its debut year was subsume all of our single use networks to make them worker together towards a common goal. Statistically speaking the dotcom has more than 4.9K posts and that is going to keep on climbing for the rest of the year and beyond. The categories on KPM are laid out very differently from the other two sites and broken down to either the outlet where the article lives or the social networking profile that we’d like you to visit. It’s a different approach for sure but one that keeps the content interesting. I think that you’ll like it.

As the first anniversary closes I’ll mention that all of the places you can find something related to the Ken Pierce Media world or the “Ken Pire” as I’ve joked being called are listed down below. The most important networks are the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube so please follow or subscribe to those. We don’t mind you rallying behind the other stuff but those three are the big players in social and help the climb be an easier one. I’d also like to thank my Inner Sanctum Council who I bounced ideas off of so many times over the last year that they deserve an award. I’ve truly appreciated the input and thank you to those readers who have found this interesting. We’ve miles to go for sure but the journey is a fun and productive one.

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