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Celebrating My 15 Year Anniversary Achievement In WordPress

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A few short days ago, I received a notification in my WordPress Administration screen that I had just reached a 15th Anniversary Achievement on the platform. Pretty cool right? Now since I love to discuss milestones and anniversaries I figured this was the perfect time to look back on that first sign on and how its all grown since then. So my initial process in creating a WordPress was to have a side blog to the already running for years PiercingMetal website. I created a very humble blogspot and called it “PiercingMetal Musings” but since it was related but not connected to the original site all of the traffic would not add to the numbers that the PiercingMetal site was accruing day by day. When I learned that an installation of WordPress could be placed under the proper domain, I took the plunge and imported those posts into that area and used the same name. Now the WordPress traffic would work with the proper HTML Site. The site was now 50% Old School and 50% New School. In 2014 I converted to WordPress on that side of the fence (discussed HERE) and then later on that same year merged the “PiercingMetal Musings” blog into the main site (discussed HERE). From then on it’s been all WordPress all the time with each of the creative branches and voila – 15 years deep into this method of web-publishing. Let’s take a look.

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Ken Pierce Media Publishes 5000th Post

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Hello Legions and those who’ve just curiously chanced upon this humble dotcom, I am stoked to find you dropping into the world of Ken Pierce Media once again because we just hit a pretty awesome milestone. So it was just about a month ago when I shared the news that the Ken Pierce Media angle had celebrated its debut year and was mapping out what’s to come. That announcement can be found HERE but now onto the subject at hand. Today we are lauding the posting of “5,000” posts.

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From The Gram: Lauding The Tumblr To WordPress Initiative

The importing of the rebranded Tumblr into a WordPress was a daunting effort as their were thousands of posts. As result we lauded this accomplishment over on the PiercingMetal Instagram as well. Please come follow us there and like the photos you enjoy the most.

Please click the heart on the photo and “Follow” the account to see so much more 🙂

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Ken Pierce Media Launches A WordPress

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Hey there my friends, so one of the things that I’ve been trying to do as I build this Ken Pierce Media idea into something a little bit larger is to keep the readership informed of the technical steps that we are taking to help facilitate this. For those who are following our adventures over on either PiercingMetal.com or “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken”, this brand identity isn’t a new term anymore and was launched as a Blogspot Feed to that content back in June 2020 (discussed HERE).

I then rebranded our long-standing Tumblr profile to reflect a similar functionality to what Blogspot was doing and now I can share that I have just created one of the free WordPress Accounts to secure our space for an early 2021 transfer of the Tumblr content over to WordPress. More on this as it happens but thanks for being along for the ride. I didn’t place a link to it because if you are reading it you are already here LOL. I will suggest that you follow Ken Pierce Media on Twitter by clicking the highlighted text though.

See you next time and many thanks for your support of these initiatives.

Automattic Acquires Tumblr From Verizon

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Every once in a while, we need to shine the spotlight on some industry news and this is especially the case if it affects some of the tools that we employ here on “The Chronicles” and of course on PiercingMetal.com – Recently, the folks at Automattic announced their purchase of the Tumblr medium. As you know, Automattic is also the owner of WordPress which we use for both of our websites. Read…

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