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Content Creator Ken Pierce Celebrates 18th Year On YouTube

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Hey there my friends, I just would like to take a pause in the regular creativity to use the KPM platform to share one of the media milestones for the personal side of the fence. I’m so happy that you’re joining me because today I’d like to pause the creativity for a moment and share a little bit of the personal side of the fence with you all. Today, March 25th 2024 is actually the 18th year of my using the YouTube network. Now for those keeping score that means I’ve had my own personal YouTube account for almost as long as I’ve had the PiercingMetal website which was launched back in April 2005. That anniversary post is coming soon enough on its own website post so please be patient as I reflect on my first, original YouTube profile/channel etc. Oh and if you’re just learning of this way late in the game, my personal YouTube Channel is found by clicking @kenpierce

Now despite my lengthy tenure on the platform, I am in no way shape or form one of the founding creatives or an influencer. Such terms weren’t really the thing back then and Google wouldn’t even purchase them until later on in 2006. I didn’t post any clips of my own until five years later in 2011 which I mentioned on the last anniversary but I was so oblivious to this as a medium that I never felt that I was losing any “traction” for my creative efforts. Since I shared the first video ever posted her the last time around, with this anniversary post I’m going to share the most recent video and what’s funny is this one was actually recorded yesterday and scheduled to premiere very early this morning. Once I had my coffee in me I had to scramble to get these thoughts in place to be on proper point with the milestone. The video is from the Bay Ridge St. Patrick’s Day Parade. I live in that neighborhood and our parade happens the week after the main one in the city for the most part. I hope you like this before I continue along.

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Ken Pierce Media Celebrates 3rd Anniversary of Branded YouTube Channel

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Greetings Legions. As you all know, keeping you up to date on some of the inner workings of the Ken Pierce Media brand is of great importance to me as a content creator. To be honest, 2023 has already been a banner year for this still growing piece of the creative puzzle with the the celebration of its Third Anniversary and then publishing the 6000th Post. Links to those editorials will be linked to at the close and now its time to let you know that the Official Branded YouTube Channel for Ken Pierce Media has reached its own third anniversary.

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Celebrating My 16 Year Anniversary Achievement In WordPress

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Before I begin I need to apologize about the lateness in bringing this bit of news to your attention. It wasn’t intentional and as I’ve often mentioned here on the Ken Pierce Media outlet, I love sharing any of the online anniversaries for the websites and even our social media platforms because its a great way to line out what makes this kind of pursuit tick and to celebrate any milestone achievements. Its a lot less self-aggrandizing than it is informational and with that being said onto the news. Back in September I got the notice from the WordPress Administration screen that I had just reached my 16th Anniversary Achievement on the platform. Ordinarily I would rush to share this kind of news but the publishing regimen was a bit chaotic across all brands with some major events being covered and written about along with assorted videos for the family of YouTube Channels. Historically, the delving into WordPress was to have a side blog that was connected to the original version of the PiercingMetal site and while we would call this “PiercingMetal Musings”, it is but a memory at this point in my creative history. Since then the entire original website has been reformatted into WordPress and now it just keeps getting larger in terms of the posts and images I’ve uploaded. Since starting in the HTML Side of publishing, its just amazing to see how much has changed thanks to something like WordPress. Let’s take a look at some standings as far as what the Admin panel of each website tallies up.

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“The Chronicles” Celebrates 3rd Anniversary of Branded YouTube Channel

Today I am celebrating the third anniversary of the branded YouTube Channel for “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” website. Check out the thoughts on this and watch a number of its most viewed clips by clicking HERE.

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PiercingMetal Celebrates Eighteen Years Online (2005-2023)

Today marks the 18th Anniversary of the PiercingMetal website. Some thoughts about it all can be found on the website by clicking HERE.

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