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Content Creator Ken Pierce Celebrates 18th Year On YouTube

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Hey there my friends, I just would like to take a pause in the regular creativity to use the KPM platform to share one of the media milestones for the personal side of the fence. I’m so happy that you’re joining me because today I’d like to pause the creativity for a moment and share a little bit of the personal side of the fence with you all. Today, March 25th 2024 is actually the 18th year of my using the YouTube network. Now for those keeping score that means I’ve had my own personal YouTube account for almost as long as I’ve had the PiercingMetal website which was launched back in April 2005. That anniversary post is coming soon enough on its own website post so please be patient as I reflect on my first, original YouTube profile/channel etc. Oh and if you’re just learning of this way late in the game, my personal YouTube Channel is found by clicking @kenpierce

Now despite my lengthy tenure on the platform, I am in no way shape or form one of the founding creatives or an influencer. Such terms weren’t really the thing back then and Google wouldn’t even purchase them until later on in 2006. I didn’t post any clips of my own until five years later in 2011 which I mentioned on the last anniversary but I was so oblivious to this as a medium that I never felt that I was losing any “traction” for my creative efforts. Since I shared the first video ever posted her the last time around, with this anniversary post I’m going to share the most recent video and what’s funny is this one was actually recorded yesterday and scheduled to premiere very early this morning. Once I had my coffee in me I had to scramble to get these thoughts in place to be on proper point with the milestone. The video is from the Bay Ridge St. Patrick’s Day Parade. I live in that neighborhood and our parade happens the week after the main one in the city for the most part. I hope you like this before I continue along.

Over the last year my main focus has been on growing the audience for both the PiercingMetal and Piercing Ken YouTube Channels. The PiercingMetal Channel was launched two years after this personal one and will get an anniversary post when that date hits in the coming weeks but the Piercing Ken site has one only has had one for a few short years. I pointed out that it was during the pandemic of 2020 that I finally decided to pull the trigger on that and I can honestly say that since that launch I have made up for lost time. Combined I think there are something like 1.4K videos on the pair of them which is pretty cool but all that emphasis has kept the personal video shares at a minimum. With the three active business channels now, the things I’d share over here on Ken Pierce Personal are limited. I’ve kept them to personal purchases, neighborhood things and occasional work things. In all honesty I don’t mind this at all since it keeps me practicing for the business accounts by doing some every day life stuff. As I continue you will notice some of my current favorite videos and I will discuss them in a little greater detail when I close up the post.

Showcasing The Brand-New Yorepek Backpack for Upcoming Adventures

If I can speak about the branded Channels for a moment I’d like to share the kind of content that’s been posted on them since we last talked anniversary stuff. With PiercingMetal its been steady as they go with interviews from the Pop Culture stuff like New York Comic Con, Anime NYC and some of the other smaller, but still important conventions that we attend under that banner. I’ve also been using the Shorts angle to announce when I am at a show, a convention or ready to do a comprehensive unboxing. Over on the Piercing Ken side of the fence, that’s been focused on our yearly “Christmas In New York City” posts, New York International Auto Show and any of the art fairs we attend. Shows like those can generate 20-30 videos and since I will post those with a day between them, a 15 clip event gives me videos for a month. I am also using Shorts here for those check ins and a lot of foodie stuff. The Ken Pierce Media Channel is not used as much as I thought I would and serves as our executive branch. I use the Community page to direct flow and for now that works.

Revealing My Ragnarök Forge Purchase w Ken Pierce

Statistically Speaking: 89% of our viewers are NOT subscribers and 11% are. This is normal for most YT Channels but we hope that changes in the coming months. The male demographic is currently higher than the female one by a good percentage but maybe when more subscribers come in this will even out. As a numbers guy I prefer the line to be closer to equal than one sided. We have gone up in subscribers and are now at “126” and that’s cool since there hasn’t been a whole lot of videos added. In terms of the overall views, this Channel has almost 36K views. We dropped a bit when several videos were dissected from this Channel to be used on the at the time new Piercing Ken one. When a video is gone you lose the views it generated. I am not sure if you also lose the total number of hours watched but that current number is 637 hours since we launched it. I guess I did lose some traction but oh well, onward upward right?

Unbagging The U.S. Census Field Representative Supplies with Ken Pierce

Replacing The Long-used Solo Messenger Bag with Something From 1919

Looking Around Our Hotel Room @ Fairfield Inn & Suites (Palm Coast, FL)

About The Videos In This Presentation: So the first one had a little introduction but once more its from yesterday’s Bay Ridge Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. I’m a fan of unboxing or reveals and since I finally replaced a very well worn backpack I just had to share with the followers that I had a new bag and to be honest I am just loving it at this point in time. I ordered some items from a company that was apparently ready to close and unbagged the goodies when they arrived. When I worked the US Census again I shared the tools of the trade that I had to use during the course of the day. It was the companion to the first time that I did this for an earlier Census assignment. I also replaced a dilapidated messenger bag with one from a company I didn’t know much about. It was essentially an extra bag my father had and since the old one was torn and falling apart I gladly took it. Last but not least was my try at a tourism video. These kinds of clips are things I enjoy seeing so I decided to give it a go for myself when I was on a family trip. So as you might be aware, YouTube is in competition with Instagram Reels and TikTok so their own Shorts initiative is pushed more and more each day. These cannot be more than 60 seconds long and I included out two most viewed Shorts to make this a proper overview. The first Short was about the new cable equipment from Spectrum and the second was the fish tank in a nearby Hibachi Master restaurant. Together those two shorts make up more than 5K of those views I mentioned up above. Pretty wild, I think I need to do more Shorts and perhaps I will do one that talks about this milestone anniversary.

Wrapping it all up I have to say that if you’ve found any of this interesting or are curious about the flow of videos I’d love for you to subscribe and click the notification bell since that will help you be aware of the new stuff going online pretty quickly. Since you can’t see who your subscribers are all that easily, it’s always helpful when viewers press the thumbs up or “like” and comment on the videos if they have something topical to add to the mix. Much like the WordPress website installations, all of the comments are moderated since that prevents the spam bots from filling the queue with junk. It also protects the Channel from those with a negative agenda for no good reason other than being that way. I always do my best to like the comments we get and even add something as a response to make it more personal and interactive if I can think of something. I don’t overpost as you can probably tell but there is more to come here when the creative means allow. The Master Channel link at the close will help you to easily subscribe to the Channels and without dancing around the subject I’d love for you to check them all out. Social Media and platforms like this one are a numbers game. Someone with 100 more followers than us can be viewed as “better” and might get leads faster as result. Your interest and participation will help keep us in the running and leaving the slackers behind. Thanks for reading all these posts and for the interest. The content will return to what you expect in short order.

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