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Ken Pierce Media Posts First-Ever TikTok!!!

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Hey there my friends, so it was only a few short months ago that I revealed the news that the Ken Pierce Media angle had dove into the no longer new but still dominating social network of TikTok. If you missed that post just click HERE to refresh your memory banks. Now the funny thing was that after I signed up I never got around to using it and then after a long time decided to share with our readership that we even had it. I just ended up using the profile to like-bomb a lot of my friends’ content to help their own profiles along. Now the time has come and I’ve finally done my first ever TikTok clip which has been embedded below for your easy consumption.


Showcasing the just received Press Badge for the 2022 New York Comic Con. We are excited to see all of our favorite artists, exhibitors and cosplayers again under one roof.

♬ original sound – Ken Pierce Media

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Ken Pierce Media Is On TikTok :)

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Hey there my friends I’ve returned to share some more news about this continually growing branding that I call “Ken Pierce Media”. Since its inception back in June 2020, its been taken down a much larger path than ever intended and at the time of this writing is heading straight towards its second anniversary. I’ll be talking about that birthday soon enough but today am here to share the news that we have joined the super popular social media network of TikTok.
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Ken Pierce Media Celebrates It’s First Twitterversary

Back in March, the PiercingMetal outlet celebrated its 12th Twitterversary (discussed HERE) and now as the 2021 year draws to a close its time to do the same for our still growing Ken Pierce Media. Today that outlet celebrates its first year of using Twitter.

Over the past year I’ve been using the KPM Twitter much like the KPM Tumblr and have let it feed posts made on the WordPress out into the Twitterverse. The Facebook posts are curated a little more diligently and I am okay with this. The more that this particular side of the creative fence grows the more I realize how I want to work it and for the last few months its been referred to as being the executive level branch over the PiercingMetal and Piercing Ken websites. Truth be told the Twitter social network has never worked for any of the websites but I will still keep on using it since the branding is locked out and better under my own control. The followers can be higher so if you like the direction that Ken Pierce Media is going then I encourage you to click that “Follow” button and engaging with us whenever possible. I will do my best to use it more as we head into the sophomore year on this service. To close this one up I am embedding the “First Tweet” on the profile. I figured why not since I’ve done it with PiercingMetal and Piercing Ken.

Follow Ken Pierce Media on Twitter to be a part of the conversation as it happens.

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Overview of Ken Pierce Media’s Site and Social Networks

As Ken Pierce Media continues to grow into an integral part of the whole creative circle, I recorded a short video about the site and the networks that we use to keep it active.

We ask that our viewers kindly click the Channels “subscribe” button and the Notification bell. A “thumbs up” to the clip and a topical comment are always appreciated and will help the Channel grow and reach more like-minded people.

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Ken Pierce Media Is On LinkedIn

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As the Ken Pierce Media idea increases more and more, I’d like to share one of the latest developments in this brand-building process. For many years, I’ve been a user of the LinkedIn network and this is primarily for personal career networking and interaction. Back in 2013, the option was made available to have company pages and while PiercingMetal.com is a website, for all intents and purposes it is a company of sorts. With this website I am not only doing reviews and photography but also media relations, public relations and social network marketing. Periodically I would notice that the general public that I met at the conventions and shows were seeking to connect and using the medium like they would Facebook and this led me to creating an Official LinkedIn Company Page. The new look is below for ease of keeping up with where the narrative is heading. Yep. The long-standing PiercingMetal LinkedIn Company Page is now the brand-spanking new Ken Pierce Media LinkedIn Company Page. It was a very simple switch and I like it.

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