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From The Gram: Lauding The Tumblr To WordPress Initiative

The importing of the rebranded Tumblr into a WordPress was a daunting effort as their were thousands of posts. As result we lauded this accomplishment over on the PiercingMetal Instagram as well. Please come follow us there and like the photos you enjoy the most.

Please click the heart on the photo and “Follow” the account to see so much more 🙂

instagram word logo

Welcome To Ken Pierce Media’s WordPress Placeholder

wordpress logo

Greetings visitor and welcome to the WordPress placeholder for Ken Pierce Media.

At this time in the creative process for this initiative we are using a longstanding Tumblr Profile and it’s primary purpose is to present you with a feed of the posts on both the PiercingMetal.com and “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” websites.

We will also occasionally spotlight the connected social networks of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter as they apply to their respective website. Clicking HERE will bring you both sides of the creative coin in a single place and we hope that you enjoy it. Ken Pierce Media can also be found on Twitter and YouTube with official accounts so please consider following and subscribing to those as well.

2021 Plans: This placeholder is the free WordPress and NOT a proper dotcom and I’ve yet to secure this via a hosting service or domain registrar house like GoDaddy.com – There is much planning and arranging to do in order to make this something special of its own and since I just created it back in June, these are the early stages. Let’s see what happens shall we?

Thank you for your interest,

Ken Pierce, Lead Creative and Founder
Ken Pierce Media