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Ken Pierce Media Is On TikTok :)

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Hey there my friends I’ve returned to share some more news about this continually growing branding that I call “Ken Pierce Media”. Since its inception back in June 2020, its been taken down a much larger path than ever intended and at the time of this writing is heading straight towards its second anniversary. I’ll be talking about that birthday soon enough but today am here to share the news that we have joined the super popular social media network of TikTok.

So far, the world of Ken Pierce Media has been using the tools of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to create specialized content of its own or refer you to the coolness happening over on the PiercingMetal and “The Chronicles” sides of the fence. The rapid growth in popularity of networks like TikTok and the Instagram Reels just can’t and shouldn’t be avoided so I made sure to lock in this branding on the TikTok network. I’ve actually had it for a few months already and thought that I would be using it by now but at the time of this posting I still am not sure how to best approach its use. I didn’t create a KPM account on Instagram and don’t plan to for the foreseeable future. In the PiercingMetal and Piercing Ken posts I use the hashtag #kenpiercemedia so that should suffice.

With the TikTok profile using the KPM branding perhaps the best move will be to cross-brand its reach and much like our Official YouTube, can be used to occasionally spotlight the PiercingMetal stuff and the Piercing Ken side of the fence when appropriate. Like I said, I’ve already had this for a bit of time and if my Overview about the assorted KPM Social Networks can be trusted its been here at least since January of 2021. I do apologize for the lack of usage but its not like we’ve been sitting idle. Whenever possible I am working on this websites archive while continually putting the new content in. The brand’s site will hit its second anniversary in June which is pretty cool. If you are currently a TikTok user, you are welcome to “Follow” along with us via the link down below. Anyone who I see following me will get numerous likes to their content as an appreciation. That’s all I have about this so thank you for keeping up with us here in the Ken Pierce Media realm. I will see you all again soon with new editorials while keeping the regular feed of content flowing.

Official TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@kenpiercemedia

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