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Ken Pierce Media Posts 100th Clip on TikTok

When I say that it doesn’t feel like all that long ago when I shared the news about KPM posting our 50th TikTok Clip, its because it really wasn’t. As a matter of fact, despite having an account for over a year I’ve only really started to use it when the 2022 New York Comic Con was getting underway. Today I am here to share the most recent update as we’ve reached our 100th Clip on this fun network. The timing of this particular clip is rather fun because I am not in my native New York City and am instead visiting family down South. Since I was already doing my “Christmas in New York City” clips, I decided to expand upon the idea and offer up some “Christmas In The South” when I saw something interesting. The clip is below.


Keeping my Southern Christmas presentations in play with the Christmas Tree at the South Carolina Welcome Center

♬ original sound – Ken Pierce Media

As previously mentioned, once they post on the Ken Pierce Media account, all of the TikTok clips are shared over to our Instagram profiles and then up to the YouTube Channel that makes the most sense. One thing I’ve established over the last few months is that I can now also use this network and share to the original personal channel at some point after the clips are first sent to the Piercing Ken Gram as opposed to that corresponding YouTube. I remember mentioning that this sounded like a lot of work to those I explained it to but being honest its just a bit of concentation making sure each clip makes its rounds correctly. Remember, ones audience to brand might only be following you on one additional network and not all three of them. Though you can do longer TikTok and Instagram Reels you are still relegated to but 60 seconds for the YouTube Shorts and as I pen this update that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon but back to the subject at hand – The TikTok.

So while I can still admit to being a little bit lost in the world of TikTok I will keep on using this to generate some additional reach for the assorted brands. What I will not be doing is sharing each and every post over to the Ken Pierce Media WordPress. Right now I am thinking that each time that an increment of “50” posts is achieved it would be a nice announcement to do and remind anyone reading the site that we are using the TikTok network to help expand the brand. There really isn’t a need for a TikTok specific menu item like we have for the very old Twitter and Facebook posts that were imported from Tumblr when we did that process way back in early 2021. I discussed that on YouTube and if you’re interested you can click HERE to check it out. Now if you haven’t explored TikTok yet I will point out that there are a lot of clips of girls doing dances with crazy voiceovers and a lot of animal content and often precarious stunts that I would’t advise you trying. I’ve said that some are awesome and some are the stupidest thing I’ve seen at the moment. The Ken Pierce Media profile is closing in on “100” followers and our “Likes” will hit 2K in the coming days provided people keep seeing the content and engaging with it. It’s encouraging to see that growth and so if you are a fan of what PiercingMetal or Piercing Ken are doing with the websites, I’d appreciate some love being tossed to the TikTok Realm. Much like the assorted YouTube Channels, the number of followers and likes help the account rise and that would be awesome. The folks who have left topical comments have all gotten a response from me and I like that kind of back and forth. When I see my friends here I tend to like-bomb their content and we don’t mind this being reciprocated at all. Though I am still a newbie, the enjoyment in using this one hasn’t faded yet and I think with each clip I am getting more of a hang of it. It remains off script but I try to begin the videos in the same manner for some consistency. I hope you like it as well and I guess I will see you back on this topic when we hit clip #150.

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