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Elon Musk Has Rebranded “Twitter” To “X”

Just a little while ago, I was breezing through one of the Twitter feeds for my websites and noticed that the time honored symbol of “The Twitter Bird” was gone and in its place was instead an “X”. I know. This seems kind of shocking, but for the last few months Elon has been doing all sorts of weird and wild things with his new company. Seeing this made me head over to the profile of the social network’s own Commander Elon Musk and this was the “Tweet” that he had made.

For me this is rather jarring because it doesn’t make much sense and I feel like I am starting all over again. I know Musk now owns the company and was out to “fix” it but leave the working things alone. This kind of change seems unnecessary and dare I even say petty and stupid. Stop more bots, get rid of spammer accounts and maybe even limit the ability to tweet every five seconds which some people do. Now this is coming from someone who isn’t the biggest advocate or user of the medium. I’ve tried to make it work for brand but no matter what I would post or “tweet”, the amount of Followers and Retweets have not generated much traction or even substantial through traffic to the websites. I will still use this and wonder how long before the mobile devices reflect the “X” and if we are going to still call them “Tweets” so let’s see what happens. I know some out there who are serial tweeters and that’s just annoying while some others are using this with great emphasis to their own outlets and having it help them. Good for those folks I say and maybe I should be more pragmatic about it. That’s all I have to say on this, and I hope the next bit of news from Twitter or “X” will help push this network ahead and be something we all say “Wow” about instead of “Ugh”. My outlets are listed below for the interested and supportive. See you next time.

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