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Celebrating My 15 Year Anniversary Achievement In WordPress

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A few short days ago, I received a notification in my WordPress Administration screen that I had just reached a 15th Anniversary Achievement on the platform. Pretty cool right? Now since I love to discuss milestones and anniversaries I figured this was the perfect time to look back on that first sign on and how its all grown since then. So my initial process in creating a WordPress was to have a side blog to the already running for years PiercingMetal website. I created a very humble blogspot and called it “PiercingMetal Musings” but since it was related but not connected to the original site all of the traffic would not add to the numbers that the PiercingMetal site was accruing day by day. When I learned that an installation of WordPress could be placed under the proper domain, I took the plunge and imported those posts into that area and used the same name. Now the WordPress traffic would work with the proper HTML Site. The site was now 50% Old School and 50% New School. In 2014 I converted to WordPress on that side of the fence (discussed HERE) and then later on that same year merged the “PiercingMetal Musings” blog into the main site (discussed HERE). From then on it’s been all WordPress all the time with each of the creative branches and voila – 15 years deep into this method of web-publishing. Let’s take a look.

Since a lot of time has passed since I first created a WordPress account in terms of publishing posts and expanding the creative worlds I figured it would be fun to look at them all as a singular thing and discuss it on the Ken Pierce Media site. Starting off with the WordPress Views I should point out that while accessing WordPress for this many years it wasn’t until 2014 that the whole creative presence was done on it. PiercingMetal had a straightforward HTML Site from 2005 to 2014 and Piercing Ken started out on Blogspot for awhile before launching into its own WordPress medium. I should have morphed PiercingMetal into WordPress earlier, but back then I was too green to know what to do. These numbers are strong just the same and growing every single day but are lower than the actual server logs that I keep tabs on. The assumption is that this tally will surpass the one million mark by the time the year turns over so let’s see what happens. I am hopeful of course.

Total Views WordPress
PiercingMetal = 798,447
Piercing Ken = 87,947
Ken Pierce Media = 3,123
Grand Total = 889,517

The posts are pretty much steady as they go based on the publishing frequency and as some already know, anything that gets published to either PiercingMetal or “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” is added to the Ken Pierce Media presence as a feed. Occasionally there are articles like this one that live exclusively on KPM and those are also shared to the long-standing Tumblr and our companion Blogspot. I don’t mind if the interested give a “Follow” to either of those mediums because they each present stuff a little differently before sending you here. I will say that this WordPress is the main place for anything Ken Pierce Media at this point in time. I can’t guesstimate how many more posts I will do before the year runs out because sometimes there are prolific days and others when you are sitting there with writer’s block. I think it’s safe to say that I will reach 15.3K by the year’s end so let’s see what happens. No matter what happens the content base of all three connected brands is growing steadily.

Total Posts WordPress
PiercingMetal = 8,116
Piercing Ken = 1,417
Ken Pierce Media = 5,516
Grand Total = 15,049

I love knowing the amount of visitors that have come to see what we are publishing and according to the digging I have done, WordPress didn’t have this in their run of statistics until sometime in late 2012. At that time the PiercingMetal Musings blog was chugging along but the larger traffic was hitting our original HTML site. These are cool numbers since the lower grouping is still really a new site that is growing. I can also see visitors in Google Analytics and they are somewhat higher than the WordPress tallies. I’d like to see the total surpass 400K by the end of the year so let’s see what engagement all the writing from now until then generates.

Total Visitors WordPress
PiercingMetal = 248,649
Piercing Ken = 55,158
Ken Pierce Media = 1,793
Grand Total = 305,600

Ken Pierce Media Thoughts: Fun stuff if you are a numbers guy like me. When I do my consulting on website development or deep Blog revamping some of the stuff, I try to explain to my clientele is understanding how some of the numbers work. As I wrap this item up I am thinking that I will very likely make this one of those annual discussions to see how much farther along the stuff up above had grown. At this point it’s pretty safe to say that I am a fan of this kind of publishing because once you get the hang of it you get better and better at it. Mind you I loved my original HTML design, but the simplest change required hours of work and that wasn’t productive after a time. As many of the people who run online mediums like this one will agree, there is always publishing to do and a ton of work on the backend to make it more streamlined. I am constantly checking the tags and making sure the Categories are the proper ones and occasionally I will find myself filing something elsewhere if it makes better sense. The Tumblr import we did for this site back in early 2021 initiated a mountain of editing that I cannot always address. Right now, it’s much more important to keep the new stuff flowing in as opposed to making the older stuff look sweet. Now many of our readers always ask me how to help out with the cause and the easiest way it to engage with us on our social media profiles. I mean all of them. If you have Twitter and Facebook or Instagram and YouTube, you should be on all of our profiles to help the audience reach more and more people. Then we need you to chime in on stuff as otherwise we never know you are even out there. Why follow these things if you can’t occasionally toss in your own opinion to the mix. Down below I’ve directed you to the “About” Pages for the two other sites and they link directly to the networks I was discussing. That’s all I have to say about the matter, I hope you enjoyed this little narrative. It’s time for me to say “Ciao” over here and get back to making that post count higher. See you next time which means really, really soon. Thanks for reading and supporting all of the creative pieces of The Ken Pire…

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