2021 Update: Convention Essentials For New York Comic Con and Beyond

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As previously broadcast over on the PiercingMetal website and shared here on the Ken Pierce Media archive, the New York Comic Con would return to being an in-person event for 2021. There was also a virtual component for those who couldn’t or wouldn’t brave the event based on the lay of the land at this time. Back in 2019, I revamped a popular post from “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” about convention essentials for the curious or diehard attendee. The thorough rundown was lauded by many as being quite useful and you can see that full narrative by clicking HERE. I was going to simply re-share said missive but as 2021 heads to its last quarter and the dreaded variants of the Coronavirus keep on keeping on, you now must be vaccinated to access many places and the New York Comic Con is no exception to this rule. Below are a couple of digital mechanisms to be aware of and then I will emphasize some of the things you really should be bringing along with you.

The Excelsior Pass
I’ve been using this one for about a month now and once you sign in and confirm your vaccination information you just need to show this to gain entry to the places that ask you to do so. Right now in New York State you appear to need to show the vaccination proof for any indoor access. I began hitting concerts and trade shows again since September and once the 13th hit, this kind of proof was necessary. Its very simple to set this one up.

The Clear App
Despite the Excelsior App and the photo of my vaccination card, I was informed that the Clear app was what events like the NYCC were using and this one required a bit of setup. After downloading the app you need to create your profile and this involves taking your photo, scanning your photo and also a form of identification. Once that goes through you need to snap an image of your vaccination card and enter the dates into the program. I’m sure this is pretty thorough and that I will need it again after this convention but give yourself some time because it took me a good dozen tries before it took. Once it was in place I actually liked it and now I have double proof. Yay me 😊

Important: Sometimes our mobile devices fail at the most unexpected moments and that is why you should also bring your COVID vaccination card along with you in some fashion. I suggest photocopying this and laminating it so you don’t risk the original. As long as its clear to read with the name and dates you should be fine should something go wrong on your app.

Things To Bring:
Remember to review my original narrative that showcased all the suggested items you’ll need to properly explore and enjoy an event like the New York Comic Con by clicking HERE because I won’t be repeating it all now. With that said, the state of the world around us finds us needing to be even more prepared and protected. Here goes the update.

1. Hand Sanitizer. Bring a couple of bottles of the stuff at this point. I tend to go through it faster these days and I don’t mind sharing it when its necessary to do so but you’ll want to carry this around. I have to laugh that at a recent trade show they were doling out hand sanitizer and I would take whatever they were giving when in the past I would refuse a bottle if I knew I had two unused ones back at home. How times have changes. Be wary of handing yours to anyone, and instead just give them the bit that they need.

2. Facemasks. If you’re travelling on public transportation you will need a mask regardless and according to the notes from the organizers of NYCC, you MUST wear a face protection during the entire time you are inside the Javits Center. You can pause this to eat or drink and I strongly recommend that attendees take periodic air-breaks outside when its possible to do so. I have all kinds of these now and will be sporting a few across the convention. I hope to find some cool ones to be more fashionable as well. Remember that the lighter surgical style masks are okay at best but not going to offer as much protection as the KN95’s that are better priced at this point.

3. Tissues, Napkins, Baby wipes. My photography bag always has a pile of napkins and a package of Kleenex tissues and thanks to the virus I have not stopped this routine with almost every adventure. As far as the baby wipes, most convenient stores have small packages of them and they will come in handy for your hands and face.

4. Latex gloves. Not everyone is comfortable touching stuff around us these days so a pair or two of disposable gloves might be a good idea.

As you know you’ll need your activated Official Badge for whatever day you plan on attending the convention so don’t forget that and be sure that if you are discarding a face mask that you do so into a proper trash receptacle. I see far too many masks on the streets and it’s kind of disgusting considering the state of affairs right now. Hopefully this little list helps you out and perhaps you’ll see me at the event at some point since I have just learned that I am going to be in attendance. I’ll be happy to see everyone but I most likely will not be shaking hands, doing any high fives or any bro-hugs during the convention. I’d love to talk to you but will only do so at a reasonable distance. Stay safe out there my friends. I mean that.

Official Website: http://www.newyorkcomiccon.com
Official Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/newyorkcomiccon

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