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2021 Update: Convention Essentials For New York Comic Con and Beyond

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As previously broadcast over on the PiercingMetal website and shared here on the Ken Pierce Media archive, the New York Comic Con would return to being an in-person event for 2021. There was also a virtual component for those who couldn’t or wouldn’t brave the event based on the lay of the land at this time. Back in 2019, I revamped a popular post from “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” about convention essentials for the curious or diehard attendee. The thorough rundown was lauded by many as being quite useful and you can see that full narrative by clicking HERE. I was going to simply re-share said missive but as 2021 heads to its last quarter and the dreaded variants of the Coronavirus keep on keeping on, you now must be vaccinated to access many places and the New York Comic Con is no exception to this rule. Below are a couple of digital mechanisms to be aware of and then I will emphasize some of the things you really should be bringing along with you.
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Z2 Comics Announces Signings and Programming @ New York Comic Con 2021

The folks from Z2 Comics have outlined their plans for the upcoming New York Comic Con and you’re going to want to head over to PiercingMetal.com to learn the full scoop by clicking HERE.

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