Toy Fair New York Remains a “GO” for February 2022

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The Press Release:
The Toy Association, with the support of hundreds of exhibitors, buyers, and key governmental agencies, expects to safely host Toy Fair New York at the Javits Center from February 19-22, 2022.

“Hundreds of small and midsize toy & play companies, entrepreneurs, and inventors across North America depend on Toy Fair New York for access to the market and new opportunities,” said Steve Pasierb, president & CEO of The Toy Association. “Many have been looking to the 2022 show to help their businesses recover from the negative impacts of the past two years of the pandemic. While international attendance will be down, and some major players do not plan to be present, Toy Fair New York is still set for the second half of February.”

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Toy Fair has been a leader in safeguards and preparation for a healthy trade show. To ensure the health and safety of all Toy Fair attendees, New York City’s strict indoor activity guidelines and the Javits Center’s own policy requiring proof of vaccination for admission to events will be rigorously enforced. All who enter Toy Fair will be required to wear masks. “Our steadfast requirement for proof of vaccination and mask wearing was seen as somewhat controversial last spring and today provides confidence that all health and safety standards are in place,” added Pasierb.

The Javits Center, now operating at 100% capacity, allows for social distance and is among the safest venues in the country, having received the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) accreditation and with the installation of hospital-grade High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters (the entire volume of air within the building is completely changed five times per day). Toy Fair has been planned from the onset with wider aisles as part of its health and safety preparations.

“Our industry is one of creativity, human connection, and collaboration, which is something we all desperately need and want – and something Toy Fair uniquely provides,” said Pasierb. “Toy Fair and the Javits Center have the standards and practices in place to deliver a safe environment to gather in person, meet with customers and friends, conduct business, and enjoy networking. With these tools in place, the industry has the opportunity to utilize them.”

The Toy Association thanks everyone in the toy and play community for their patience and concern as the situation is closely monitored. The Toy Association will give the industry a status announcement no later than Wednesday, January 12.

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Ken Pierce Media Thoughts: Much like the sharing of the “Toy Of The Year” finalists for 2022 being discussed on this website in a post that can be found HERE, I am posting this news update for the exact same reason. Newcomers to the site should know that I attend Toy Fair as a member of the media and share coverage on BOTH the and “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” websites. With the creativity being parsed accordingly it makes sense for me to use KPM as a broader editorial voice. So with that out of the way let me say that I hope that the event ends up happening because it seems to be a precarious time out there at all large trafficked events. I’ve watched a number of Broadway shows close up for weeks and others for good based on the variant and bands are cancelling tours in droves which is never a good sign. I did register for the event because I have been fully vaxxed and get tested 3x a week for my other work. Being in a mask around people doesn’t bother me anymore. Stay tuned for any information that we find coming to pass. Only time will tell I guess. Thanks for reading, please stay safe out there.


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