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Marvel Announces: True Believers “The Criminally Insane” For January

Marvel has revealed that the next round of one-dollar True Believers comic books will surround the Ravencroft Asylum for the criminally insane. These issues bring the Marvel Universe’s most insidious of super-villains into your home and will span 32 pages. It’s always great to grab a bunch of comics for a buck apiece and now let’s review the issues being presented and the cover art.

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Marvel Comics “True Believers” Deliver “Captain Marvel” Classics In February 2019

We’re only a couple of more months away from the next exciting chapter in the growing Marvel Cinematic Universe with “Captain Marvel”. In order to get us even more amped up about the new film, the House Of Ideas will be releasing 10 brand-new comic books under their “True Believers” line. I’ve discussed these extensively at this point and cannot recommend them any more than I already have. With a…

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Marvel Unveils “Fantastic Four Villains” True Believers For December 2018

Marvel Unveils “Fantastic Four Villains” True Believers For December 2018

Hey there readers, despite being stunned still at the passing of the great Stan Lee, I am so excited to share the news about this upcoming batch of Marvel Comics “True Believers” titles but first, please tell me that you were paying attention when I discussed the October “WHAT IF?” issues and the group that ran right before it with the “MARVEL KNIGHTS”because there were some awesome reprints in…

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Marvel Comics Makes May A “Wolverine” True Believers Month

Marvel Comics Makes May “Wolverine” True Believers Month

The fine folks at the House Of Ideas over at Marvel Comics really seem to be stepping up their game with the seemingly constant flow of “True Believers” reprints this year. Our focused readers have already seen me laud the “Infinity” related titles on THIS POST and the “Venom” ones on THIS POST and now without a break in the flow, we are getting “10” “Wolverine” issues. There wasn’t a bona fide…

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