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Today Is The Second Annual National Cinema Day

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Today is the second annual National Cinema Day and that means that in participating theaters, you can see every movie that they are currently showing for $4. Yes I wrote four dollars and how awesome is that when you consider the usual median price is upwards of $15 depending on where you see your films.

Last year I watched “Bullet Train” for my cinema day offering and while I debated trying to catch something else that day I was just a little beat and decided to head home instead. My plan is to hit one of the earlier matinees to avoid an overwhelming crowd. This year the offerings are pretty interesting and feature the blockbusters like “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” along with the fun-filled action films like “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem”, “Blue Beetle” and “Meg 2”. Each theater offers up some unique spin in some neighborhoods but these are currently the staple releases playing just about everywhere. At the time of this posting I am on the fence about seeing “Barbie” or “Meg 2”. “Oppenheimer” is a long film so I might wait for streaming on that one and I just saw “Blue Beetle” and can say that it deserves a better reception than its been getting. While I do love the Turtles I will also wait for streaming when it comes to that one.

What will you be seeing for the second ever National Cinema Day? Chime in down below and enjoy yourself.

Today Is The First-Ever National Cinema Day

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Today is National Cinema Day and if you don’t know what this is let me share a little coolness with you all. This new national celebration is a creation by the folks at Cinemark who are encouraging cinemas across the country to take part in showcasing every film and every showing along with some additional discounts to put the bodies into the theaters once again. Sure we’ve had some blockbuster films being released since the pandemic times got a little “better” but its nothing like it used to be. Everyone’s pocket was hit during the pandemic and the surplus cash wasn’t always there to enjoy a film with the family. Let’s face it, that endeavor can be a daunting cost. What kind of a discount you might ask, well how does $3 sound to you? Yep. You can see any film at a participating cinema for $3 today.
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