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Ken Pierce Media Posts 300th Clip on TikTok

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According to my posting history, I announced that Ken Pierce Media had a profile on the TikTok network in April of 2022 but it would be about five months later before I actually used it for anything related to brand. I am fairly certain that I had it a bit longer but with my first posting being in September 2022, that is the date that I consider to be the official anniversary of Ken Pierce Media on TikTok. Since that time I’ve used the network considerably and with each increment of “50” I pause to celebrate its continued use as we aim to raise awareness of the adventures of PiercingMetal, The Chronicles of Piercing Ken and of course Ken Pierce Media. Though I hesitated about ever being caught up in such a network I am here once more to celebrate its use and announce that I have reached clip “300”. This clip is very close to our first-ever clip as it celebrates the arrival of the much-desired New York Comic Con press badge.


Excited that our New York Comic Con Press Badge has arrived for the upcoming mega-media event at Javits Center #fyp #foryoupage #newyorkcomiccon #reedpop #pressbadge #medialife

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It’s without question that I was very happy to be showcasing the arrival of the NYCC badge because its an event that I enjoy attending and get a lot of media work done at. Last year I think I posted “45” posts, recorded about “20” video interviews and shared just shy of “1000” photos on assorted social media platforms. Having clip number 300 be related to the convention was also amusing because I’ve gotten a little better at this platform since the first clip which was also NYCC in theme. I still don’t know how to do all the crazy bells and whistles stuff but right now that is fine for me. Now before wrapping this announcement up I was to change the dynamic of how I’ve been closing this kind of post. For the past batch of incremental announcements I was showcasing our very first video but now that this one has come full cirlce I’ve decided to share a favorite clip or one that has been doing super well on TikTok in terms of views. The favorite clip for this post comes from the Metallica Pop-Up Store in Brooklyn from about a month ago when the legendary band was visiting our region.


Coming at you live from the Metallica Pop-Up Store in Brooklyn, Part 2. Only open this weekend to celebrate the bands tour arriving at MetLife Stadium #fyp #foryoupage #metallica #metallicatakeover #popupstore #andshoppingforall 😉

♬ original sound – Ken Pierce Media

For those in the unaware, the last few times that Metallica has hit the masses with their tour they launch a special “Pop-Up Store” that has a whole lot of awesome band related merchandise and a lot of it is only available at these shops. When they performed at the MetLife Stadium, a store was set up at the nearby mall and one in Downtown Brooklyn. I visited the Brooklyn space and did a one minute exploration for the purposes of short form video. Bear in mind that said Pop-Up is only open for the days that the band would be in town so this one would open on Friday and close on Sunday when the second night of their appearances took place. This clip did gangbusters for the profile and at the time of this announcement has achieved more than 6.5K views. The only downside is that the likes of this clip don’t equal that as well but such is the life in the world of TikTok posts. Poeple scroll through feeds somewhat endlessly and so few take the extra second to like the clips. I do that for all of the videos I watch because I know that it helps the engagement and yet with that being said 6.5K views is nothing to sneeze at for me. The profile still needs to reach “200” Followers but I am in no rush on that since we’ve no stake in the TT game like some others we know. The likes continue to climb but please know that if you do watch our content that you are being super helpful and dedicated by liking them as well since that generates a little more visibility. We also love comments and I answer all the legitimate ones when I see them. I’ll close with the now standard viewpoint that I very much appreciate the time you spend scrolling through our feed and look forward to making more and more videos and perhaps even getting more creative with them. See you next time.

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Looking Around The Metallica “M72” Pop-Up Store in Brooklyn, NY

The Metallica invasion of the New York/New Jersey area has begun and this means a Pop-Up Store loaded with merchandise would be launched. I paid a visit to the Brooklyn store and you can enjoy the video of it all over on PiercingMetal by clicking HERE.

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