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“Happy Halloween” 2022 From Ken Pierce Media

Hey Fiends, Though its been customary over the years with a wish of this kind to fall to either the PiercingMetal or “The Chronicles” of Piercing Ken side of the fence, I decided to do it right here on the main WordPress for Ken Pierce Media. A quick “Short” was recorded for this sites Official YouTube so please click that hyperlinked text and subscribe so we can reach new milestones and keep the content flowing.

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Happy Halloween 2014 Metal Legions!!!

Hey it’s Halloween and I wish you a spooktacular day of fun and treats that only this day can bring you. As readers of the site know, I try to get a themed photo out to our masses each year. This used to be on the PiercingMetal Musings Blog but now all that content is a part of the main new format website. Here you go 🙂


This year’s photo comes care of my fiend Jay who snapped it while we were…

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