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“Happy Halloween” 2022 From Ken Pierce Media

Hey Fiends, Though its been customary over the years with a wish of this kind to fall to either the PiercingMetal or “The Chronicles” of Piercing Ken side of the fence, I decided to do it right here on the main WordPress for Ken Pierce Media. A quick “Short” was recorded for this sites Official YouTube so please click that hyperlinked text and subscribe so we can reach new milestones and keep the content flowing.

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Now Playing: Universal Pictures “Halloween Kills” (10/15/2021)

The Universal Pictures continuation of the saga of Michael Myers continues with “Halloween Kills” which opens in theaters everywhere today. Learn more about the film over on PiercingMetal.com by clicking HERE.

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Universal Pictures: “Halloween Kills” Official Trailer

Universal Pictures have released a full on trailer for the upcoming “Halloween Kills” motion picture. Head over to PiercingMetal.com to learn more by clicking HERE.

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Wishing all our our #family #friends and #followers a very #spooktacular and #terrifying #halloween – check out this garish display we recently encountered in our #bayridge #brooklyn neighborhood #shudder #shiver #brrr #besafe w #piercingmetal

Universal Pictures: “Halloween Kills” Teaser Trailer 2

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Arriving just in time for Halloween, comes the second teaser trailer for the film “Halloween Kills”. You might remember that it was back in July when I shared the first teaser (click HERE if you don’t recall) and at the time the film was well over a year away from being released. Now we’re at the year mark so let’s get a little scared thanks to this second teaser.

The Premise:
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