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Presenting The 2024 Grammy Nominations for Rock and Metal

The Grammy nominations for their 2024 affair have recently been announced. I dissected this massive rundown to share the hopefuls in the Rock and Metal categories. You can peruse the list by visiting PiercingMetal and clicking HERE.

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Ghost and Volbeat Announce Co-Headlining Arena Tour

The bands Ghost and Volbeat have announced a massive co-headlining tour that will begin in early 2022. More about this sure to be thrilling run can be found on the PiercingMetal website by clicking HERE.

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DC Comics Announces: “Dark Nights: Death Metal” Band Edition Limited Series

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The Press Release:
In anticipation of the international launch of DC’s runaway 2020 hit limited series, Dark Nights: Death Metal, the publisher announced today plans to collaborate with seven of the most renowned metal music bands for Dark Nights: Death Metal – Band Edition. Representing a cross-section of metal music from across genres and generations, each special edition will feature a variant…

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“Sympathy For The Devil” (Live) by The Hellacopters and Papa Emeritus IV (Ghost) from “På Spåret”

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Just as I was wondering what I was possibly going to share with the readership next came the alert about the brand new face of Ghost in Papa Emeritus IV who joined forces with The Hellacopters to deliver a stunning cover of the Rolling Stones “Sympathy For The Devil”. Apparently this was done for the Pa Sparet television game show that has broadcast in Sweden since 1987. Let’s take a look at the…

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From The Gram: “Papa Emeritus IV” Funko Pop

I’ve added a Funko Pop of Ghost’s Papa Emeritus IV to my collection.

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