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PiercingMetal Explores “A Gallery Of Great Collectible Comics” @ Big Apple Comic Con 2021

PierceMetal recently attended the Big Apple Comic Con’s Silver Anniversary convention and recorded a walk-through video of their special presentation “A Gallery Of Great Collectible Comics”. We hope our website visitors enjoy this clip.

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On Shelves: “Detective Comics” #1000 (3/27/2019)

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Let us rejoice my friends in comic book loving land because the day has at long last arrived and DC Comics long standing continuous series “Detective Comics” has reached its 1000th issue!!! The title originally launched in 1937 and ran numerous detective private eye kind of stuff but when issue #27 arrives the world would change as it was the first-ever appearance of The Batman. I’m planning on…

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DC Comics First Issues Coming March 2019

Let’s continue on with the comic book solicitations when it comes to the DC Comics side of the fence in terms of first issues and special anniversaries. This month, we are hitting what amounts to a milestone in comic book history as “Detective Comics” hits its 1000th issue. I began a lengthy post of variant covers a few months ago and added to it as I discovered any new variations. You should…

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DC Comics First Issues + Coming March 2016

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DC Comics First Issues + Coming March 2016

Wow. Can you believe we are in March already? This 2016 year is playing no games in terms of the speed that its passing us by and while I often refer to the month as “March Metal Madness” for the heavy music stuff I guess I am going to start citing this as “March Media Madness” for the films and comic book postings like this one. That being said, let’s get to examining the offerings from DC…

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Happy “Batman Day 2014” World

Happy “Batman Day 2014″ World

With this year marking the 75th Anniversary of the first appearance of Batman in “Detective Comics” #27; DC Entertainment has declared that today is officially to be known as “Batman Day”.



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