Marvel Announces “Hellcat” Limited Series For March 2023

Marvel Comics have announced a “Hellcat” limited series coming our way in March of 2023. Learn more about this sure to be exciting run over on by clicking HERE.

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Crunchyroll Announces Plans For Fort Worth, TX’s “Anime Frontier” Convention

The fine folks at Crunchyroll have released their plans for the upcoming Texas event called Anime Frontier and you can check that all out over on by clicking HERE.

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Metallica Announces “M72 World Tour” for 2023-2024

The mighty Metallica have announced a new World Tour and you can read all about it over on by clicking HERE.

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From The Gram: Thanksgiving 2022 Feasting c/o The Bridgeview Diner in Bay Ridge

This year’s Thanksgiving would be celebrated as a solo artist based on a number of factors. That found me utilizing the offerings of the nearby Bridgeview Diner who had an extensive dinner for those interested. We ordered this to go in order to get some work done as we ate. Hoping that all our audience enjoyed some good eats with the ones they love.

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Play NYC 2022: Discussing Gem Blenders TCG with Kyu Song

PiercingMetal was in attendance at the annual Playcrafting Play NYC event which this year was held at the Chelsea Industrial event space. This video features the “Gem Blenders” TCG with explanation by Developer Kyu Song.

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