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Ken Pierce Media’s Tumblr Turned “12” Today

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Greetings my friends and welcome to a shiny new announcement that celebrates my creative worlds use of the Tumblr micro-blogging network. Earlier today I received an email that said that “Ken Pierce Media Turned 12 Today” and if you are one of the diehards who has been paying attention over the last few months you will know that this isn’t correct at all. As an idea, Ken Pierce Media is only one full year old but I have been using Tumblr for “12” years and began doing so for the PiercingMetal website and its assorted social networks. Back in the earliest days of this network it would allow a very streamlined integration of Twitter and Facebook so it was another means of reaching an audience which is never a bad thing to do.

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To recap that original usage, it eventually became a chore to share the networks and it wasn’t until the PiercingMetal website was 100% converted to WordPress that I began to publish over on the Tumblr in tandem. All you needed to do was check a box and a link would post to Tumblr. This link would send anyone following our profile over to the original location of the article. There were times when I would employ this usage with content coming from “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” as well. It worked out fine when I remembered to check the box and one more thing that was cool was the ability to send assorted Instagram posts to Tumblr profiles. Fast forwarding to 2020 and the creation of Ken Pierce Media, my fear of Tumblr going away or being subsumed into WordPress and causing some conflict with the existing PiercingMetal accounts there found me rebranding the network to Ken Pierce Media. I did that in October and continued to utilize it for the pair of websites and each of their social networks when it made sense to do so. In December I secured a proper dotcom and then imported the entire batch of Tumblr posts into it and rather than sunset our usage I’ve decided to keep sharing to it. This WordPress is closing in on 5.1K posts while the Tumblr side will hit 5K in the coming weeks.

As the year moves towards its final quarter you should know that I am going to keep on using the Tumblr for the foreseeable future. It auto-feeds the WordPress blogs and every other Instagram gets sent there along with an assorted batch of YouTube clips. By using the KPM branding on it I am actually helping out more of “The Ken Pire” In my humble opinion, 2021 is continuing to be almost as rough as 2020 ended up being because a large number of businesses have shut down and we are still running away from different variants of the Covid-19 virus. After almost 18 months, I’ve finally gotten myself to a couple of concerts and I want to see the new “Shang-Chi” movie. Be aware that for most stuff you need to show proof of vaccination to do any of these things. Since I want to see as many of you as possible when the most normal case scenarios allow, please be safe and smart out there. See you next time and thanks for your interest in it all.

Official Website: http://www.tumblr.com
Official Ken Pierce Media Tumblr: https://kenpieremedia.tumblr.com

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