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Ken Pierce Media Posts 25th Clip on TikTok

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So I guess that I can say that I am getting more accustomed to using the TikTok profile after hitting our 25th post on that social network yesterday. When I first created the account I wasn’t sure how or even if I was going to use it because it didn’t feel like something that was going to be a lock for me. As more regular readers know, I created the account under the Ken Pierce Media banner and have been using it across both the PiercingMetal and Piercing Ken adventures. I’ve found it best to introduce myself and then say what site I was lending the time and Tok to at the moment. This TikTok finds me sharing one of the cool New York Comic Con takeaways which was my “Spawn Of Svengoolie” badge.


Showing off the #svengoolie badge from #metv and #newyorkcomiccon – the network was doing fun auditions to be Svengoolie’s assistant.

♬ original sound – Ken Pierce Media

Now that you’ve enjoyed our 25th clip, I’m going to share how I plan on doing this kind of stuff with a little more clarity. For starters I will NOT be showcasing every 25th increment on the network but have decided that for the time being every 50th TikTok post will be given a little showcase post right here on the Ken Pierce Media site. As you know, this site is partially assembled from a massive Tumblr import and way back in the day, the Tumblr featured links to Twitter and Facebook along with the PiercingMetal site. As result, those networks all have a menu option for perusal but with TikTok I will not be adding a menu item and instead leave the posts under my “From The Editor” category. The other thing that will keep on being done is the cross-posting from TikTok over to Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts. It’s more work but also can result in maximum reach which today is super important based on just how much static is out there. I know that its hard to support your interests on every single network but we sure do appreciate any time that you spend on our feeds. The best way to show your interest is by liking and commenting on said content feeds since it lets me reply or give a thumbs up myself which I really like to do. I should say that I am still a bit confused on making these the best that I can but I have remembered to make sure I click “60” to keep them that length. My first ever TikTok which I linked below I messed up and made super short. It was my reveal about the 2022 New York Comic Con press badge. It still got a nice amount of views and still seems to be pulling in attention which is fine by me.


Showcasing the just received Press Badge for the 2022 New York Comic Con. We are excited to see all of our favorite artists, exhibitors and cosplayers again under one roof.

♬ original sound – Ken Pierce Media

As I wrap this 25th TikTok post up I will say that I don’t know how often I will be using this network but I think when I come across something Tokworthy that it will come to me and be cobbled together for your hopeful entertainment. I don’t know how many of our readers are on the TikTok network as I am still a bit of a newbie in terms of usage but I see a lot of weird dancing and pet clips and some outrageous stunts. There are some happy moments and some super sad ones so I guess there is something for everyone here if you choose to create a profile. Our profile is slowly building itself and we have a couple of dozen subscribers or followers and they seem to be liking the content. Like we find happening in the YouTube, the best way to help this is to not only view the clip but also click the heart so it makes the counter grow. At the end of the day all social media is a numbers game and helps propel a brand upward and able to achieve new levels of awesome. Like I said before, if you leave a topical comment on the KPM TikTok you will for sure get a response from me. I don’t know how many of my friends IRL are using this but I will start looking after I press publish on this post. I do hope you’re enjoying what we’ve done so far and with that being said I will see you again on this topic when I reach TikTok #50.

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