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Ken Pierce Media Posts 150th Clip on TikTok

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I’m a little behind schedule on this one as it’s been a bit of a whirlwind of busy here at the Creative Command HQ. Now you might recall that I ended up joining the ranks of TikTok using the Ken Pierce Media branding and since our very first video (which I will share once more down at the close for posterity), I’ve been trying to do a little spotlight post with each increment of “50” posts on this network. I dug back in time to when I had created the actual profile, which seems to have been some time in early 2021 but I didn’t use it until the tail end of 2022 with that badge reveal for the New York Comic Con. Today I am here to share that the profile has just recently published it’s 150th post and much like my longtime love of the comic book scene, this post reflects quite possibly my favorite thing ever – The Hottest Band In The World KISS!!! The background on this one is that KISS had just recently announced their Final 50 Concert dates ever and as expected I wrote a quick website post about it. Since this is highly important news for our audience I made a TikTok to share as well in the hope that I will secure some additional website traction from it.


The Hard Rock legends #kiss have announced their Final 50 Performances of their career and ending the #endoftheroad #worldtour #genesimmons #paulstanley #tommythayer and #ericsinger are the #hottestbandintheworld and we are both excited and sad about the news.

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I am sure that tickets for these final New York City shows are going to be a nightmare to secure but I will most certainly be trying since KISS is one of my most important aspects in terms of things I’ve supported for many, many years. KISS is not only my very favorite band ever but they also exemplified a lot of the things that inspired me going forward at a young age. The costumes, the music and the identity etc. I loved comic books already so a band like KISS was a no-brainer for me. If you watch that clip some of the photos were ones that I took when professionally covering their area shows. It’s a blast to do that but it goes by so darned quick. Now, as previously mentioned, once the clips post on the Ken Pierce Media account, all of the TikTok clips are shared over to our Instagram profile Reels and then onto the YouTube Channel that makes the most sense. I know this sounds like a lot of work but its just a bit more focused concentation to make sure that each clip makes its rounds correctly. We don’t think our audience is following us on all three but welcome them to participate that strongly if they feel like it. Now before I get to my closing section here is our very “First” TikTok. It’s fun to share this one since we are getting close to the time where one has to sign up for credentials for the New York Comic Con or get ready to purchase the tickets as one of the thousands of fans who assemble at the Javits Center in October.


Showcasing the just received Press Badge for the 2022 New York Comic Con. We are excited to see all of our favorite artists, exhibitors and cosplayers again under one roof.

♬ original sound – Ken Pierce Media

Now that I’ve hit clip number “150” I feel that while I understand the network a little bit better I still sure don’t know how to do some of the cooler stuff that I see many of my friends doing but in time perhaps I will be able to integrate some of that into my clips and make them a little more exciting. Statistically speaking we are doing okay for what this is intended to be about the Followers are slowly moving upward and have passed “100” while the Likes of the content feed approached “3K”. As you can see we aren’t really following too many profiles back and that’s more based on this being a media feed or our adventures. When we find a new Follower we do our best to like as much of their content and hope that they do it back. It’s encouraging to see that growth and so if you are a fan of what PiercingMetal or Piercing Ken are doing with the websites, I’d appreciate some love being tossed to the TikTok Realm. It’s the engagement that makes this work when all is said and done. If you leave a topical comment there is a good chance that I will reply when I see it. At the time of this writing, the TikTok Universe is under some heavy US Government scrutiny and I hope that it manages to survive. I do enjoy scrolling the cute animal stuff but will say there are a whole lot of sad pet loss clips too that just make me think of my own no longer with me felines. The model videos all end up being the same backing track with a different person after awhile but it seems to work for them. I’ll be sticking with the program as I’ve been doing for the time being and trying to learn more tricks. The journey to clip #150 took a little longer than expected but I have a few big events coming up so I think #200 will be a little easier to attain. Closing up, if you’re with us we appreciate you and hope you will make your interest known by engaging with everything. These networks are trying to make everyone equal but in the media sense the more the merrier since I have to showcase these numbers to keep the lights on. See you again on this topic when we hit our anniversary of usage or when clip number 200 rolls around. Whichever comes first. Thanks for reading.

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