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Content Creator Ken Pierce Celebrates 17th Year On YouTube

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Hey there my friends, I’m so happy that you’re joining me because today I’d like to pause the creativity for a moment and share a little bit of the personal side of the fence with you all. Today, March 25th 2023 is actually the 17th year of my using the YouTube network. Now for those keeping score that means I’ve had my own personal YouTube account for almost as long as I’ve had the PiercingMetal website which was launched back in April 2005. That anniversary post is coming soon enough so please be patient as I reflect on my first, original YouTube profile/channel etc. Since it is a personal account, its simply called @kenpierce

So you might be saying “Wow Ken, with a YouTube Channel that old you must be one of the original legends in content creation” and well, my answer would have to be nope because while I created the original account in 2006, I wouldn’t even get around to posting anything on it until 2011. Hindsight being 20/20, way back then no one knew what was going to happen with these networks and how people became not so overnight sensations from them. I was using YouTube a lot to watch videos and concert posts and be able to like and comment on them while in the background I kept saying to myself, “one of these days”. Truth be told, “one of these days” ended up happening in 2008 when I decided to launch a Channel for the PiercingMetal site but I am not here to talk about that channel just yet. I’ll do that in April because that Channels own 15th Anniversary is not long after the websites own 18th birthday ;p

I will say that with the videos being focused on the website Channel my personal account went unattended and since the creation of Piercing Ken dotcom was still a few years away I just left it alone until I started posting some music clips from my own life personal adventures and sometimes neighborhood things. I launched Piercing Ken as a website in 2010 but back then it wasn’t a media voice which made me lax on creating a YouTube Channel for it at the same time. Whenever I felt I had a clip that I could connect to a Piercing Ken article, I would load said clip onto my original personal channel. This didn’t seem like a bad idea at the time and since it was an easy solution I left it alone and used it for that purpose as well. This would prove to be a problem eventually but at least the channel was being used more than at the onset. Oh yeah and I’ve peppered some of my personal favorites from the Channel in between the paragraphs of this post for good measure.

When I finally created that Piercing Ken Channel I needed to remove a bunch of the videos that were done for the site so they were taken down from this personal channel and re-uploaded to the new branded one. Sadly you can’t just transfer things across this medium which would be great. Now as 2023 chugs along, the original Ken Pierce Channel has a few companions with the PiercingMetal, Piercing Ken and Ken Pierce Media Channels and I am using them all to interconnect the creative ideas. I did leave some of the clips I wanted to move since they had so much traction but nowadays everything goes to its own area and the personal channel remains more of a slice of what life is for me when I share a clip. It could be a cooking piece, a shopping thing or personal purchases and vacations. I guess you can say that it falls more under human interest things that aren’t always done with a media mindset and the good part is I can refer to the other channels when I feel the need is there. So statistically speaking, 46% of our subscribers are return visitors and this Channels demographic is more female than male so thanks ladies I appreciate you very much. The overall views are on the low side but I did lose thousands of them when I removed a few dozen clips to re-upload them to a different channel and I’ve balked about this already. We’ve only secured about “97” subscribers and like I said this was never ever focused on until the pandemic began. Like they say, hindsight is 20/20.

If you’ve found any of this interesting or are curious about the flow of videos I’d love for you to subscribe and click the notification bell since that will help you be aware of the new stuff going online pretty quickly. Since you can’t see who your subscribers are all that easily, it’s always helpful when viewers “like” and comment on the videos if they have something topical to add to the mix. Much like the WordPress website installations, all of the comments are moderated since that prevents the spam bots from filling the queue with junk. I always do my best to like the comments we get and even add something as a response to make it more personal and interactive. I’ll have a Master Channel link at the close and if you feel extra generous in your support, I surely welcome any love lent to the branded channels as well.

So let’s overview the videos that I shared here. One is of my “back in the day” Metal band Machine from our reunion event rehearsal time while another is a beer can dancing to a Punk song on a floor tom. Then there is a few minutes from Shore Road’s promenade looking at the Narrows and then a stunning burlesque performance by our friend LouLou D’Vil. That last one was a video that in the future would go to Piercing Ken. Like I said, more personalized slice of life content if I can help it with occasional interplay over on the business channels. Now it’s time to get to work on a wide number of things, I’ll see you again soon and thanks for your interest and support.

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