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Photoplus Becomes Create NYC and Relocates To Brooklyn

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The Press Release:
After two years of in-person event cancellations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, PHOTOPLUS is proud to return this year as Create NYC Powered by PHOTOPLUS. To be held from September 29 to October 1, 2022, the three-day event leaves the Jacob Javits Convention Center for the Duggal Greenhouse in Brooklyn, NY.

The photography industry’s premier trade show morphs into a festival experience. Create NYC immerses attendees in anything and everything Image Culture. It celebrates all visual storytellers whose work crosses various platforms, expresses shared experiences, inspires dialogue for change, and blurs the lines between art and cultural relevance.

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Create NYC puts education and experience first, featuring a main stage of dynamic speakers who will strike meaningful conversations about the impact of imagery on society. Additionally, the event will offer attendees the opportunity for intimate educational moments through creator walks, sessions, and lab-style workshops – all known as Creator Experiences led by engaging visual creatives, including photographers, filmmakers, editors, artists, and more.

Tickets for Create NYC will be available starting June 13. Unlike in previous years, ticket quantities will be limited.

“The decision to reimagine PHOTOPLUS into Create NYC was in response to demand from a rapidly growing emerging creator community,” said Create NYC Show Director Joseph Kowalsky. “The definition of an imaging professional and visual storyteller has broadened. Create NYC aims to be the home for all using imaging technology to create stories that trigger emotion and impact society.”

About Create NYC Powered by PHOTOPLUS: A 3-day experience based in Brooklyn, NY, that celebrates the world of Image Culture, shedding light on visual storytellers that transcend the boundaries of the frame, page, or screen to broaden and share collective experiences, inspire meaningful conversation and change, and act as the bridge between artistic work and cultural relevance.

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Ken Pierce Media Thoughts: Having been to the Photoplus Expo for a number of years over at the Javits Center, I am familiar with this event taking place in a certain manner and its clear that this morphing into Create NYC will lose a lot of the items that longtime attendees looked forward to. Speaking for myself, the ability to wander the aisles and meet new vendors or continue relationships and dealings with the ones you know for ages was of high appeal to me. While the festival atmosphere they are looking to foster sounds interesting I am not too sure that it will be right for me but let’s see what happens. This seems like they are looking to get all the Social Media Influencer types into the event and that might only appeal to a portion of the folks who would have regularly attended Photoplus Expo at Javits. With that being said I am always open to new events and seeing what they bring to the table and like my father always says “the only constant is change”. I don’t know all that much about the new venue and should I end up in attendance will get to explore a second new thing. What do you readers think? Especially those of you who have attended the longtime Photoplus Expo. Does this strike your interest at all? Let me know what you think and by the way, I decided to run this news on KPM since we do photography for both sides of the creative coin and I felt that made the most logical sense. See you next time and as always stay safe out there.

Official: https://photoplusexpo.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CreateByPHOTOPLUS/

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