Organizers Postpone The 2022 Debut Of Create NYC

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The Press Release:
We’re pressing pause until 2023 with the postponement of Create NYC 2022 – When envisioning the future of the PHOTOPLUS brand, our team sought to reimagine how we could learn, connect, be inspired, and evolve the event format and content to meet the needs of our community. After much collaboration and discussions with our creators, in May 2022 our team announced Create NYC – a new platform to serve our growing creator community.

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As any visual storyteller knows a great image requires just the right amount of exposure time. Since releasing the shutter on our plans in May, The Create NYC team has found that the first show needs a little extra time to produce the collective and inspiring experience imagined for this dynamic space. As a result, the Create NYC team has decided to pause our plans for this year in order to build a truly dynamic experience for 2023. 

Over the coming year of planning, we look forward to building upon our collaborative efforts with creators from all walks of our industry to ensure that when we launch in 2023, Create NYC fosters collective experiences, inspires meaningful conversation and change, and serves as the bridge between cutting-edge artistic work and cultural relevance.

We appreciate your support and understanding as we regroup and plot our next steps towards fully realizing Create NYC in 2023. 

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Ken Pierce Media Thoughts: While this is sad news for sure since its always great to find an event launching in our metropolis, I must admit that the new idea that spawned from the time-honored Photoplus Expo was far too different for my own personal tastes. I was still going to investigate because with PiercingMetal and “The Chronicles” each doing things in social media and on the web, it was hopefully going to be a learning experience. Many colleagues pointed out in discussions about the new format that it didn’t interest them in the slightest as they were all about gear displays, engaging with their fellow photographers and hearing seminars from the legends of the past. The new thing looked like it was aiming at the Instagram and TikTok nation for the most part and the event would have “some” vendors. That was not something those associates were happy about but I digress. I’ll keep my ears open for developements about this event and likely keep the notices to the KPM site since this happening works with each side of my creative coin. Closing up I wonder what you readers think about the news. Were you planning on attending? Are you disappointed or can wait anxiously until a fully-tooled event is ready to roll out. Chime in down below in the comments section and I will see you next time. Please keep safe out there as the news is getting grim once again. Ciao.


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