Ken Pierce Media Celebrates Its Third Anniversary (2020-2023)

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Hello my friends, it’s once again time to take a pause from the usual course of business to celebrate a website birthday. I’m excited to share the news that today is the third anniversary of the Ken Pierce Media brand and a lot has happened with it over the last year so let’s chat. As many know, this idea was launched in June of 2020 during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic as a tool to help me with some web-consulting. I had hoped to use the lockdown time to offer up some help with other creators websites and their social media accounts for a modest stipend since there were no shows, conventions or special events of any kind to attend in real life. The idea first manifested as a Blogspot which is a super bare bones medium to use when one doesn’t want to lay down cash for a professional level website or branding. I think I also mentioned that I planned on using this as a place to learn how to take creator content off of such a medium and get it into a more powerful tool like WordPress. The Blogspot’s name led me to using it for the takeover of the PiercingMetal Tumblr and then a full on WordPress was launched which integrated all of that Tumblr stuff and we were off and running. The long-winded full story can be perused over on “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” by clicking HERE). Now before we get too deep into the goings on from the past year how about that awesome new Birthday logo from our own stalwart Art Director, Jumpin’ Joe Kaufman. Let’s continue.

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While it’s become a common practice for me to laud the anniversaries of the PiercingMetal and Piercing Ken websites, I wasn’t too sure about doing this for KPM but with so much competition out there these days it makes sense to rally each year and also broadcast whenever a new social media account was secured or reached a milestone of it’s own. This might be new news to most of you but when the KPM angle began to grow it would subsume any of the single-use social media accounts that I had laying around. By doing this I was expanding the brand in the Googlesphere. Since last years post I’ve chosen to keep a similar yearly graphic for all of my sites and I kind of like how this looks with the dice and something representative of what I wear along with a keyboard. This is a website after all and I feel that I am attached to these keys sometimes. Year Three finds the site closing in on almost 5.9K posts and while the initial plan was only to showcase posts from PiercingMetal and Piercing Ken, it’s now a much broader spectrum of content. In addition to links to some of the YouTube and Instagram posts, there is a semi-regular editorial space that I use this site for if the narrative speaks to both sides of the creative coin. The graphic embedded below presents the exact number of posts just before I pressed publish. The hopeful goal by the end of 2023 is to surpass 6K posts and I think it can be done. All of this depends on the amount of work being posted on the two main websites. Let’s see what happens as far as that number goes. If we reach it I am most likely going to add a special post of its own. Now I should point out that the Categories have remained the same and day by day I am editing and reformatting the posts under the “Uncategorized” branch of the tree. I had hoped to be done with that but it was more important to post new items than to fix the older stuff after we were fully up and running. Each edit becomes a new brick that reinforces the larger structure of this side of the media fence. The one category that might change in time is the Tumblr one since there are not many posts relating to it. This might become TikTok since I do a post every time that social media network hits another “50” posts. Time will tell on whether Tumblr remains a thing and if the original Blogspot gets sunset. Decisions I am not too worried about making at this moment.

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I’ll stick to a bit of a regular format for the closing notations because as we wrap up our third year and aim the sights on year number four I want to stress how important it is to have your participation on our assorted social media profiles. As I’ve pointed out, these days you must not only have the followers but also the engagement because the subscribes or follows don’t help anything grow without the likes being clicked or submitting some topical comments on the posts. This year I’ve employed the abilities of the Linktree service which allows me to update all of the social media links in one place and let’s the site visitor browse for what they are also using. I’ll say that some of the more important ones to follow are the YouTube, TikTok and Facebook since those are the most popular socials of the day. Twitter has taken a bit of a downturn and now we also have Mastodon but to be honest that one isn’t doing all that much for brand either. Since all of “The Ken Pire” is now directed through Ken Pierce Media, it makes our Ko-Fi all that much more important. For years everything has been done out of pocket without advertiser or sponsorship help, and Ko-Fi allows the supportive members of our creative spaces to make donations to help keep the lights on. All of these donations get applied across the board so do please consider tipping when possible. Nothing we do for your entertainment has been free when it comes to server hosting, domain registrar and equipment maintenance. Closing up I’ll reiterate that the continued building of this no longer new idea remains an interesting process and it’s the perfect place to guide the content of the other websites which before I go I should point out that the interested can click the hyperlinked text to read about the recent anniversaries of PiercingMetal and “The Chronicles” of Piercing Ken as they are fun recaps. Thanks to all of you who find this interesting and are being supportive of it all. I am always publishing and not saying “just you wait” at all. You’ll be on the close to the pulse side if you do subscribe to those socials and this site of course. Onward and upward this climbs, I thank you for the patronage. Ciao.

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