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“The Chronicles” Of Piercing Ken are On Instagram

This is slightly older, but someone said to try and use the Tumblr a little more for the postings I am doing for the site and blog along with my stuff so here we go.  Comments are welcome, but please leave them on the original posts to add value to the words.

Oh Hey I Am Using Instagram – Wheee!

“The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken” Announces Official Instagram Profile

“The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” have just joined the ranks of those using the Instagram photo-sharing social network. Learn more about this over on the website by clicking HERE.

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Piercing Ken’s Top Five Blogs Read In 2011

As the New Year gets underway, I’ve shared what amounted to being the “Top Five” blogs that were read over the course of 2011. Check out what the audience keyed into on the Piercing Ken blogsite by clicking HERE.

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A Quick Visit To Pho Hoai Bay Ridge

I paid a visit to the Pho Hoai Vietnamese Restaurant in Bay Ridge for takeout and discuss on “The Chronicles” website. Click HERE for more.

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Citigroup Center’s Holiday Trains Display (12/2008)

Reflecting on a cool post we did on “The Chronicles” during the 2008 holiday season. Check it out by clicking HERE

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